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Sightseeing in Barbados is easy as there are some wonderful sights to see by taking a tour around Barbados. The geography of Barbados is quite different on each coast and it is well worth leaving the beauty of the beach to explore this gem in the Caribbean Sea.

A visit to the beach alone can be quite breath taking, on the west coast you will find golden sand, calm turquoise Caribbean Sea, and stunning blue skies.

While on the south coast you will find white sandy beaches flecked with pink coral and the rougher waters of the Atlantic Ocean with cooling breezes and the tranquility of the swaying palm trees to provide shade. It is view that you wonít forget in a hurry!

One the great sights to see while on holiday in Barbados is the tropical marine life that can be found under the water, there is excellent diving over ship wrecks and coral reefs, which attract all sorts of marine life.

If you donít fancy diving then just snorkeling will still give you an idea of the under water life around Barbados and swimming with the turtles is a great experience and even then you will be surrounded by at least one shoal of beautiful coloured fish.

The best way to really see Barbados is to take an island tour; you can hire a car, get a map and discover the real Barbados for yourself or you can take an organized tour with one of the islandís many tour operators. An organized tour can either be on a coach, in a taxi or in 4x4 off road vehicle - any of these options will ensure that you see another side to Barbados.

Most people decide that if they are driving themselves the easiest way to tour the island is drive all the way around the coast and this will definitely show you the geographical differences around the coasts, however if you travel in land you will find the parishes of St. George and St. Thomas.

Both of these parishes are set amidst rolling hills and lush countryside, it is in these parishes that you will find the majority of the islandís sugar cane fields and limestone plantations houses, some of which are open for you to walk around.

These plantations also give you an insight in to the slave trade in Barbados and how this has influenced Barbadian culture today. From these hills you can look down at the west coast, the south coast and the rugged east coast.

The English first settled in Barbados in the 1600ís and therefore you will find some marvelous architecture all over Barbados from old Anglican churches built from limestone through to the historic buildings in Bridgetown, especially the parliament buildings.

Heading to the north of the island you will find a couple of limestone caves, with rivers and waterfalls within them. You could go to either Harrison Cave or The Animal Flower Cave.

There are also some wonderful tropical gardens that are open to the public where you will find thousands of different types of flora and fauna, there are tropical flowers, rare trees and stunning views, try strolling around round the gardens of either Andromeda Botanical Gardens, the Flower Forest or Orchid World for a very relaxing afternoon.

For more information on sights to see around Barbados then please follow the link below for detailed guides on touring the island. You can also follow the link to our article on Tourist Attractions in Barbados.


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