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Looking to get around Barbados?

For the type of transportation to suit your vacation needs, Barbados offers many different methods to get around Barbados.

It’s a small island – just 21 miles (34 kilometres) long by 14 miles (23 kilometres) wide and the terrain is relatively flat, so nowhere takes too long to get to and there’s a wide choice of transport options, to suit both your lifestyle and budget.

Car Rentals

The world is really your oyster when it comes to renting a car and choosing the type of vehicle. From luxury vehicles with air conditioning, to four-wheel drive jeeps, to the smaller, open-top mini mokes, you’ll surely find one that will help you get around Barbados during your vacation experience.

Just remember to bring your drivers license from home, as the car rental company requires this to get you insured and issue you with a local driving permit.

Hint: In Barbados, people drive on the left-hand side of the road. Make sure you are comfortable with this, before booking a car rental.

If having the freedom to drive yourself around the island sounds appealing, why not check out the local car rental companies for more information.


There are many taxis on the island to chose from when you wish to get around Barbados.  Taxi drivers are more than happy to drop you from point A to B, or even take you on a full island tour, once you’ve settled yourself and are in full vacation mode.

Tip: Taxis in Barbados are not metered so make sure you agree on a fixed fee with the driver in advance, before setting off to your destination.

Licensed taxis have number plates starting with ‘Z’ and the larger mini bus taxis have ‘ZM’ number plates.

Note: If you get into a ZM taxi you will be charged a taxi fare, not the $2 BBD you would pay on a ZR.

Get more information about Barbados taxi rentals.


It’s not too difficult to find a reputable limousine company to get around the island. If you want a luxurious start to your holiday, a limousine might just be the way to go!

Get contact details from our recommended Barbados Limousines.


These government-owned buses run frequently on a schedule and can be caught from any bus stop, as well as from the bus terminals. They are painted the national colours of blue with a horizontal yellow stripe.

The island’s bus stops are clearly marked ‘To City’ (towards Bridgetown) and ‘Out of City’, so that you can gauge which direction you are heading in.

The standard bus fare is $2 BBD and it applies to any single/one-way trip on these buses, as well as on the privately-owned ZR vans and mini buses detailed below.

Tip: The bus drivers do not carry money, so you must pay your fare with the correct change.

Need to know more? See our Government owned Barbados Transport Board page for all the details.

There are two other types of buses to choose from in Barbados:

Mini Vans

These privately-owned mini-vans are smaller than the big blue Transport Board buses, and other buses are privately-owned. Mini-vans are painted bright yellow with a blue stripe. These are identified by a “B” at the beginning of their licence plates.

You can also catch these buses from any of the bus stops all over the island, as well as the island bus terminals.

Fares on all of the buses are fixed at BDS $2 (US$1) per trip, regardless of how far you go.

ZR Vans (pronounced Zed-R’s)

These are white privately-owned mini buses or vans that work specific routes and do not operate according to a schedule.

You’ll recognize them from the letters ‘ZR’ on their licence plates.

You may find these are more frequent and really get you into the local way of life – there’s generally music playing and you may even find yourself squeezed in tight between two total strangers.

This mode of transport is said to be a truly Bajan experience, to say the least!

Sound like your kind of thing? For more information about this infamous form of island transport, see our ZR Vans page.

Airport Transport

When you arrive in Barbados, there are several transportation options to get you to your next destination.

Again, depending on your budget and taste, you can choose from transport such as a hire car, local bus, taxi, tour coach, and even a Rolls Royce Bentley!

Note: Some accommodations offer complementary airport transfers, so you may wish to check this out before committing yourself to any of the options above.

Cruise Terminal Transport

Cruise passengers arriving in Barbados also have a number of transportation options when it comes to leaving the cruise terminal.

Click on the link above to check out some of these options, as well as some great tips on how to spend your time on the island.

Get Around on Island Tours

There are a number of great tour companies operating in Barbados, each with a variety of island tours to offer.

You may like to try one of the more adventurous tours in an off-road 4×4 vehicle?Or, maybe you’d prefer a quieter and gentler experience on an air-conditioned coach?

Either way, the possibilities for touring the island are endless!

Find tour operator and sightseeing contact details here.

Happy travelling!

Whether you plan to use the public transport buses, taxis or to rent a car while visiting Barbados, you will find the various transportation options for getting around Barbados very convenient.

By: Brett Callaghan