Tom Adams Roundabout

Sir Grantley Herbert Adams was the first premier of Barbados from 1954 until 1958 prior to independence. He is one of our national heroes and worked long and hard for the greater good of our fine country.

He was a qualified barrister and used his legal training in combination with visionary politics to strive for social equality in Barbados. In recognition of his work and to celebrate this national hero his face is seen on the Barbadian $100 note, commonly known as a “Grantley”. The airport is also named after him.

His son John Michael Geoffrey “Tom” Adams followed his father’s footsteps into politics becoming the second prime minister of Barbados in 1976 until his sudden death in 1985 whilst he was still in office.

In recognition of his work for the country he too celebrates national hero status and has the roundabout as you leave the airport named after him along with the highway. Sir Grantley Herbert Adams died on November 28th, 1971 at the age of 73. He lays buried at St. Michael’s Cathedral. Tom Adams died on March 11th 1985.

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