The Tenax Central Corporation: Sunny Smiles in the Caribbean

The Tenax Central Corporation: Sunny Smiles in the Caribbean

Tenax Dentists are world leaders in understanding and implementing the advantages of implant treatment for their patients. The Tenax Central Corporation has its headquarters in Barbados and boasts some 37 practitioners with firms in Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, Antigua and Grenada. We at Tenax Central Corporation are proud to meet the high standards of the Food and Drugs Administration to bring our implants to you the patient.

Who should get implants? The ideal candidates would be persons with healthy gums and sufficient bone for the implant, who have suffered lost teeth or facial trauma. However in cases where bone density is deemed insufficient, oral surgeons have the capability to build up what exists to an expectable level. This is done either by using synthetic bone grafting material or grafting bone from the candidate’s hip or chin.

The Tenax Dental ImplantTM technology works for molars as well as teeth at the front of the mouth the only controversial area is where you have maxillary sinus. This technology is also ideal for those who prefer a permanent solution as opposed to dentures, crowns and bridges which are temporary. A correctly placed implant will stay there for life and cannot be extracted using forceps.

The use of outdated technology to replace missing teeth is usually hazardous to neighbouring healthy teeth. In the case of crowns and bridges, healthy teeth are shaved down in order to place these devices. Dentures act as a catalyst for bone loss which can lead to other complications and future tooth loss. However, with Tenax’s 21st century technology, there is no need for destroying perfectly healthy teeth to create a beautiful smile.

The Tenax Dental Implant SystemTM is so simple that the procedure is generally conducted in the dentist’s office under a local anaesthetic. As a result of the local anaesthetic there is no recovery period and hardly any discomfort.

Our oral surgical team comprises of dentists who have achieved an impressive record of fitting over 500 implants a year in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean since 1993.

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Article written by Kelly Miller.

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