Beauty in Barbados

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nowhere is this more true than right here on the island of Barbados.

Although the island itself is a tropical paradise with a wealth of scenic shots that more than merit a postcard, our beauty reaches far beyond our hills and valleys.

You will find all Barbadians, or Bajans (Bay-jans) as they are referred to, have unique styles of their own.

Trends come and go like the cool Caribbean breeze and every event or special occasion calls for a new outfit, hairstyle, nails, and shoes. No Bajan ever wants to be seen wearing the same outfit twice and true Bajan style always pushes the boundaries.

Once something is trendy and fashionable, there’s no need for your hairstyle to look natural – the more outrageous your hair color and the more intricate the nail design, the better they are. Here in Barbados, it’s all about looking good and most importantly feeling good or ‘irie’.

You will see and find everything in Barbados from vibrant colors, jewellery, African prints, patterns and fabrics, head scarfs and loads more at shops and street stalls dotted all over the island, each with their own unique style to suit your taste and budget.

On almost every street corner in Barbados you will find a hairstylist, aesthetician, or fashion boutique just dying to give you a brand new and exciting look with that infamous Caribbean flair.

You can get a new hairstyle, nail design, rejuvenating facial, spray tan or relaxing massage at the drop of a hat. There are even supply stores selling weaves and braids, hair cutting scissors, beauty products and other items for all your DIY beauty needs.

Department stores also sell bags, shoes, swimsuits, watches, and designer beauty products, which goes to show that Barbados is well on the way to becoming the Caribbean’s fashion and beauty Mecca.

Just to ensure that our insatiable hunger for new styles is never out of reach, the island paradise of Barbados also boasts a vast array of acclaimed beauty salons and spas for you to choose from.

The options for beauty in Barbados are endless – take a trip to a stylist, use your hotel’s in-house beauty services, or even invest in a mobile spa. Let it be said that Barbados is the ideal place to pamper yourself whatever the occasion!

If you don’t get to chill out in Barbados often, you should make your time on the island as fantastic and beautifying as possible.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to live here, there’s always an excuse to pamper yourself and find time to make sure you’re looking and feeling great.

In case lying on a soft white sandy beach bordered by the turquoise Caribbean Sea wasn’t enough to totally relax you, the island has multiple first rate spas that will take your breath away with their ambiance and top quality treatments.

Most of the island’s beauticians, masseuses and aestheticians have been internationally trained and are experts in the beauty industry.

Most major hotels in Barbados also have their own in-house world-class spas, boasting various massage therapies, manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxing treatments.

The Sugar Cane Club Hotel and Spa is an award-winning spa which features treatment rooms that can accommodate couples or singles for therapeutic massages and a full range of treatments including scrubs and cocoons.

It has a specially designed hydrotherapy tub, as well as a quiet outdoor Serenity Area, featuring a gazebo and dipping pool. This spa will enhance your beauty, harmony and well-being with a manicure, pedicure, or even a bridal party package for those pre-wedding pampering sessions.

The Crane Residential Resort and The Bougainvillea Beach Resort both offer fitness facilities for those fitness fanatics traveling or returning to Barbados and will keep your beauty regime on track.

The Hilton Barbados Resort also provides a hair salon, alongside in-house fitness facilities, and The Savannah Beach Hotel also offers fitness facilities and full spa services. Spa services and outdoor swimming pools are available at some of the Intimate Hotels of Barbados.

Come to Barbados where you can truly relax and indulge in all that this beautiful island has to offer. If you’re here for a relaxing vacation away from a world of worry, hustle and bustle and the beach alone isn’t cutting it, then you can see we’ve got exactly what you need.

The island’s finest therapists and beauty specialists are at your beck and call to administer any of the many treatments available to you, including, but not limited to:

— Barbadian and Caribbean
— Breema
— Indonesian
— Swedish
— Shiatsu
— Thai
— Mud massage
— Therapeutic massage and hot stone massage
— Hydrotherapy baths
— Reflexology
— Salt glow
— Seaweed wraps
— Facials
— Body wraps and scrubs
— De-wrinkling
— Acupuncture
— Derma-lifts
— Micro-dermabrasion
— Cryo-therapy
— Herbal baths
— Non-surgical facelifts


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