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Barbados has avoided the financial lure and attraction of hosting vast swathes of casinos on the island. The debate continues with relish as casino owners and visitors ask about gambling in Barbados. However, the political motivation focuses on creating an island for relaxing, revolving around beach life and water sports rather than roulette wheels.

Barbados does, however, allow for some forms of gambling and there are three legal types of gambling in Barbados:

— Slot machines
— The Lottery
— Horse racing

It is not legal to run things like card tables or roulette wheels in Barbados. There is only one location that calls itself a ‘casino’ in Barbados, and this only houses slot machines.


Slot Machines

Slot machines can be found in some hotels, bars and pool halls. Venues of slot machines include:

— Lucky Horseshoe, Worthing, Christ Church
— Lucky Horseshoe, Warrens, St Michael
— Lucky Horseshoe, Bagatelle, St Thomas
— Silver Fox Arcade, Christ Church
— Fast Lime, Barbados’ only casino, Christ Church

The Lucky Horseshoe opens 24 hours, and serves food and drinks such as burgers and pasta dishes. On Wednesdays it has a Karaoke night. The Lucky Horseshoe also shows a variety of sports so you can watch fixtures from across the globe.



In 2005 GTECH Corporation acquired the exclusive rights as the provider for the Barbados Lottery Association. The Barbados Lottery Association comprises of the following institutions:

— The Barbados Olympic Association
— The Barbados Cricket Association
— The Barbados Turf Club
— The National Sports Council

GTECH will operate the online lottery services for the first three of these members plus provide 250 lottery terminals for various retailers across Barbados. Over the course of their 18 year agreement GTECH hope to raise between $80 million and $100 million for worthwhile Barbados causes.

The lottery games these providers run the following:

— Pick 3
— Pick 4
— Caribbean Keno
— Jackpot Bingo
— Caribbean Lotto
— Mega 6
— Double Draw
— Instant Scratch Ticket


Horse Racing

You may wish to have a flutter at one of the many horse races on the island. These take place at The Garrison Savannah race track – one of the oldest and most historical race tracks in the world.

For a list of race dates and more information view the Barbados events calendar.

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