Barbados Surfing

Surf’s Up In Barbados

Have you always wanted to learn to surf but just never had the opportunity?

Well, look no further because you can make this dream become a reality in Barbados!

Surfing seems to be a common ‘bucket list’ activity for many people so where better to check this one off the list than on the beautiful island paradise of Barbados?

Perhaps you’re a seasoned professional surfer, looking for that next big wave?

Either way, from beginner to pro, it goes without saying that surfing in Barbados is a real adventure for all.

In fact, Barbados is often visited by the likes of international pro surfers like Kelly Slater, as well as many other well known world-class surfers, and not without very good reason.

The natural shape of the island means that swells are available from all directions. This means you can almost always find somewhere to surf on the island; if the east is flat, you can always check the west, north, or south, with the knowledge that the surf is bound to be breaking somewhere.

Did you know? There have never been any reported incidents of shark attacks anywhere on the island so you can get right into the wave action knowing Barbados’ waters are relatively safe.

Where’s The Action At?

Barbados is blessed to provide great wave conditions for just about every level of surfer.

For beginners and those learning to surf, the best locations on the island to surf are Brandon’s Beach, Freights Bay, and Accra Beach along the south coast of Barbados.

For the professional and more experienced surfers, you can try the Soup Bowl in St. Joseph, located in Bathsheba on the east coast. The Soup Bowl is famously where many international surfing competitions are held, namely the Reef Barbados Classic.

Note: If you are a body border, you’ll also find a spot just perfect for you at either Sam Lord’s Beach, Crane Beach, Foul Bay, or Silver Rock Beach.

On the west coast of the island, our tips for good surfing locations include Maycocks Bay, Tropicana Beach, and Batts Rock Beach. Depending on the time of year and the activity of the low pressure systems, all of these locations serve up some great Barbados surfing action.

You’ll find that the waters in Barbados are crystal clear and warm all year-round. However, even though Barbados does offer decent surf conditions every day of the year, the best waves can usually be found between the months of October and March when the swells can reach up to about twelve feet in height.

Hint: Hurricane season (typically from June to November) is also often a popular time for the adventurous thrill seekers to come to Barbados in search of the perfect wave and adrenaline rush. Right before a big storm system, tropical storm, or a hurricane hits (very rare), the swells are huge and you’ll often see many surfers hitting the water to try their luck at tackling the big waves.

Want to know more about Barbados’ weather? You’ll find out all you need to know on our Totally Barbados Weather page.

Come and Surf With Us In Barbados

Totally Barbados recommends visiting Barbados as a prime surfing destination and experiencing the great wave conditions the island has to offer.

Or better still why not try your hand at learning to surf in Barbados with the island’s professional surfers right by your side?
As you can see, the surfing opportunities are endless in Barbados – so, what are you waiting for?!

By: Brett Callaghan

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