Water Skiing

Water Skiing in Barbados

The sea surrounding Barbados is a colour that is simply indescribable. It is perpetually clear and generally very calm on the west and south coast, therefore, it is no small wonder that water sports are very popular here in Barbados.

The thrill of speed, or the fun of bouncing along the water or just enjoying sitting in the speedboat, is an excellent way to spend a bright sunny day in paradise. Besides, most of our visitors do not have the opportunity to try out these new sports where they come from, so being in Barbados is an excellent way to get introduced to the wonderful world of water sports!

Probably the longest standing and still the most popular of our water sports is water skiing. Similar to snow skiing in it’s basic principles except that rather than propelling yourself, as with snow skiing, when water skiing you are being pulled behind a speedboat. It’s very easy to find water sport vendors at just about any beach along the west or south coasts of Barbados, and they are usually very friendly and eager to help first timers by giving you simple comprehensible instruction.

Apart from just being fun and exciting, water skiing is another way to spend a day at the beach – a chance to see Barbados from yet another angle. You can also take the whole family and ski together, or each take turns while the others chill out on the deck of the boat enjoying the sun and taking some souvenir pictures. Plus, it’s a great work out!

Sometimes you’ll even get the chance to see some more professional skiers showing off tricks along the coasts, jumping, flipping and so on. It’s totally unbelievable what some of these guys can do on a ski.

All in all, it’s another great adventure to embark on while here in Barbados.

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