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Luxury Leisure Time In Barbados

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, with no expenses spared, you can be guaranteed Barbados has something to suit all


) to help get you started.

Cruising Club members have access to all club facilities and the option to keep boats and equipment onsite. Even if you don’t have a boat, the Club has a small fleet of dinghies and kayaks available for members to use.

Want to join? Simply download a membership form (www.barbadoscruisingclub.org/pdfs/CCMembership.pdf) to become part of the Cruising Club family today!

The Barbados Sailing Association (BSA) (www.sailbarbados.com) is another prominent sailing organization in Barbados.

In fact, it’s the governing body of sailing in Barbados – any sailing-related association in Barbados must be affiliated with the BSA in order to have national and/or regional recognition.

What about BSA membership? As a member of the BSA, some of your entitlements include being able to participate in all local regattas as well as represent Barbados at both regional and international events.

Membership is open to all – download a membership form (www.sailbarbados.com/files/bsa_membership_form22.pdf) today and get sailing!

What about Port St. Charles?

Located in the north-west of the island, Port St. Charles marina is a luxury development consisting of exclusive villas, condominiums and apartments.

It contains a small restricted-access lagoon area for residents (or persons staying at the marina) to berth their yachts close to their vacation homes.

Because the marina hosts Coastguard, Police, Immigration, and Customs facilities, it has become one of the two official seaports of entry into Barbados and an essential fixture for any yachting enthusiast.

Note: The main seaport of entry is the Port of Bridgetown, managed by the Barbados Port Authority (www.barbadosport.com). They are also primarily responsible for the berthing of vessels such as yachts in the Bridgetown Port.

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