St Thomas Accommodation

St Thomas Accommodation

There are no hotels located within St. Thomas however there are some luxury villas and houses available for short term rental with plenty of things to do to keep you occupied during your stay.

St. Thomas is perfect for a complete break away from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist areas of the south and west coasts and so renting an accommodation property in the parish of St. Thomas would be ideal.

St. Thomas is located in the middle of the island and may not be an obvious accommodation choice as it has no coastline and therefore no beaches.

However it does have a lot to offer the visitor and depending on what you are looking for in your vacation, might just be an ideal place to position yourself while you are in Barbados on your vacation.

When you rent a luxury villa then you can enjoy complete peace and tranquillity with a full compliment of staff on hand to cook for you and maintain the property. These properties are ideal for larger groups as they can sleep up to 12 persons and you have your own private pool for swimming.

If you want to go out to eat then you will find fine dining at Bagatelle Great House within this parish and active nightlife at Lord Willoughby’s Tavern next door.

You will also get an exceptional dining experience at Fisherpond Great House, which is also located in St. Thomas.

For the equestrians among you St. Thomas is wonderful for horse riding through sugar cane fields and woods, where you can enjoy long treks.

There are also two polo fields located in this parish if you would rather watch someone else do the riding.

If you are not traveling in a larger group and perhaps don’t want the expensive of a luxury villa, then another accommodation option is to rent a house in this parish as the rental costs of houses here are slightly cheaper than the neighboring west coast and gives you the flexibility of coming and going as you please.

For details on available properties to rent in St. Thomas please read our Barbados real estate section and contact a Barbados realtor.

In terms of sightseeing in Barbados, St. Thomas is a great place to stay as you are within a short drive to two of Barbados’ natural tourist attractions, which are Harrison’s Cave and Welchman Hall Gully.

Another great place to visit while staying in this parish is Earthworks Pottery, where you can tour the factory and see the potters at their wheel and purchase some unique vibrant Caribbean pieces.


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