Inland Barbados Accommodation

Inland Barbados Accommodation

In the middle of Barbados there are 2 parishes St. Thomas and St. George, and even though these are the only two parishes in Barbados that are not on the coast, there are still some suitable inland Barbados accommodation available.

There are plenty of tourist attractions in these two parishes therefore by choosing to stay in the middle of the island, you are centrally located to tour around not only this area but also you can easily access the south, west and east coasts of the island.

Neither St. George or St. Thomas has any hotel complexes, however in both parishes you will find self-catering options with luxury villas available in St. Thomas, which offer high-end accommodation with staff on hand to cater to you. These villas usually come with a private swimming pool, gardener, maid and chef.

When deciding on your accommodation, you need to decide what you are looking for from your vacation; perhaps you are interested in horse riding, if so then this part of the island is ideal for hours of trekking through cane fields, woods and gullies.

You will also find excellent polo grounds on the inland of Barbados; so staying here is a good choice if you are interested in this sport.

For excellent gifts to buy, you can visit Earthworks Pottery, which is located in St. Thomas. Here you can take a tour of the factory and choose some colorful pieces to take home.

St. Thomas and St. George both offer self-catering houses to rent, which are at a slightly lower price than other parishes on the island. In St. George you will also find self-catering apartments. Also in St. George you will find historical houses and botanical gardens.

For full details of properties to rent in the middle of the island please read our real estate section below and/or contact a realtor.

If you decide on accommodation in the middle of Barbados then you will find some good places to eat, with fine dining at Fisherpond Great House and Bagatelle Great House, both of which are in St. Thomas.

Also in the middle of the island you will find a couple of natural tourist attractions at Welchman Hall Gully and Harrison’s Cave. Please read our articles below on tourist attractions and restaurants on the inland of Barbados for more information.

So if you want to be surrounded by natural tourist attractions, excellent horse riding, polo grounds, historical houses, botanical gardens, then choose to go self catering in the middle of the island.

Your choice of inland Barbados accommodation ranges from luxury villas right through to smaller self-catering houses and apartments.


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