St Joseph Accommodation

St Joseph Accommodation

When deciding on accommodation in St. Joseph it is an ideal choice if you are interested in surfing, as Bathsheba is home to the infamous ‘soup bowl’, which attracts professional surfers from around the world.

Bathsheba has a variety of accommodations options ranging from beach houses, hotels, luxury villas, apartments and houses to rent on a short term rental.

For details on these self-catering properties please contact a Barbados realtor, by viewing the Totally Barbados real estate pages.

The parish of St. Joseph is on the east coast of Barbados and is one of the most beautiful parishes in Barbados. The coastline here is very dramatic with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean that at times doesn’t even look real.

There is plenty to keep you amused in this parish with tropical gardens that are open to the public, wonderful old plantation houses, excellent dining options, and some unique hotels. For further information please read the Totally Barbados tourist attractions in St. Joseph guide.

When deciding on your accommodation then you should look at the two main hotels in St. Joseph, the Atlantis Hotel and the Edgewater Inn, both of which have an old world charm.

While staying in the parish if St. Joseph, try to go for lunch at Roundhouse, which sits on the top of the hill over looking the ‘soup bowl‘, where you can enjoy a brilliant view of the surfing action and get some wonderful food at the same time.

If you are interested in renting a beach house, then just be aware that these properties can be quite basic because of the constant sea spray; therefore the owners are constantly replacing interior fixtures and fittings. However, they are clean and comfortable and provide a very relaxing accommodation choice.

There are also some tucked away luxury villas in this parish, not as many as you will find on the west coast, however these properties provide a complete break with staff on hand to cook and clean for you and they usually come with a private swimming pool. This is a good option if you have a large group or have children.

The great thing about accommodation in St. Joseph is that it caters to passing surfers, so you can get a really nice clean self catering apartment at very reasonable rates starting from as low as $35US per night.


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