Grenade Hall Signal Station

Grenade Hall Signal Station and Grenade Hall Forest

Grenade Hall Signal Station and Grenade Hall Forest is located in the parish of St. Peter on the east coast of the island.

After the major slave revolt in 1816, six signal stations were established across the island to warn the military based at The Garrison Savannah in Bridgetown.

Grenade Signal Station was completed in 1819 and is now restored for public viewing. Entrance is $23BDS, which includes entry to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, which is next door. There is a watchtower that commands excellent views of the countryside, and plenty of memorabilia from days gone by. It is open from 10am until 5pm daily.

Below the signal station is a tropical forest of Barbados Green Monkeys, whitewood, dogwood, mahogany and silk cotton trees, with winding shaded pathways, with information on the trees and their origins, it makes for an excellent day of rambling.

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