Barbados Books

Barbados has produced many gifted authors who have written magnificent books about the island. A wonderful keepsake of a magical holiday and a relaxing way to learn intriguing facts!

Available island-wide, we consider these Barbados books to offer readers tremendous insight into the many facets that make Barbados ‘The Gem of the Caribbean’.


Impressions of the Caribbean‘ by International Artist Janice Sylvia Brock is a true expression of her mastery of colour. It was launched internationally in January 2003, and the few remaining unsold copies are becoming very collectable. Janice is currently working on her autobiography.


The history of Barbados is captured on the pages of:

» Bygone Barbados by Ann Watson Yates
» Schomburgk’s 1848 by Sir Robert Schmoburgk


The autobiography of Jill Walker in Jill Walker’s Barbados tells the tale of the well-known British artist who chose to make Barbados her home over fifty years ago. A collection of photographs, drawings and paintings complete this interesting book.


The Miller Publishing Collection includes many beautiful, high quality hardback books on:


» Caribbean Cricket
» Caught in Action
» Gardens
» Barbados in Bloom


» Architecture and Design in Barbados


» The Restaurants in Barbados

Cook Book

» Contemporary Caribbean Cooking

Children’s Books

A special holiday gift or collectable, the following children’s books are amongst our favourite presently available in the island:

» Me and Max by Jason Cole
» Mauby’s Big Adventure By Peter Laurie
» Mauby’s Quest for the Magic Flower by Peter Laurie
» Colour Barbados by Samantha Thomas

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