Write your own rules with a glorious new pen. Shopping for pens in Barbados has never been so much fun.

How many times have you reached into your bag or pocket for a pen, only to realise that you don’t have one? How many times have you had to borrow a pen from a stranger only to end up with ink all over your hands? Or have you ever gone into a meeting to find that your cheap plastic biro has stopped writing?

If any of these have happened to you then you know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. Well there’s a simple solution to your pen problems – it’s time you invested in your own personal pen to carry around with you.

There is something empowering about carrying your own personal, well made pen. It makes you feel that somehow you are ready for every eventuality. You are organised, on the ball and in control of your destiny. What’s more, every time you sign a cheque, write a letter, note down some directions, or an email address you can make a statement about who you are.

If you are a ‘girly’ girl you may wish to carry a pink pen encrusted with crystals; if you are a man’s man you may choose to carry a black, shiny designer pen. If you are full of fun you may wish to carry a pen covered in cartoon animals with a toy on a spring, if you are a musician you may select a pen covered in treble clefs and G sharps. Perhaps you are a football fan and support your team by carrying a pen covered in your favourite team colours. Whoever you are, there is a pen out there that is just right for you.


Executive Penscreate words that persuade

If you are an entrepreneur, or a professional businessman, a stylish pen can do wonders for the image; not only will it help you keep organised, it will create an air of sophistication, convincing customers and agents that you are a man to do business with. You will radiate style while creating the words you need to succeed. There are many stylish executive pens to choose from in Barbados:

Diamonds International has opened two specialized pen boutiques on the island:

— in the Watch and Design Shop in Bridgetown
— in Sunset Crest Mall, Holetown.

Here you can buy pens that emphasize artistic designs, unique materials, and incredible craftsmanship. Brands offered are: Montblanc / Fabercastell / Visconti pens as well as Cartier.

You can also find pens in the new Limegrove Lifestyle Centre such as Cartier pens.


Ladies Pensthe height of elegance

Personalised, beautifully crafted pens give any woman a sense of class, elegance and sophistication. Women flock to the Diamonds International pen boutique in Bridgetown and the Sunset Mall on the West Coast to find the right pen for them and there is a huge selection to choose from.

Holetown’s chattel Village also stock beautifully crafted pens for ladies. For instance there are some beautifully crafted pens, glittering with crystals, in iCandi – a ‘girly’ girl’s must have.

Mont Blanc created the first fountain pen that was designed to be ‘an eloquent means of self-expression, as well as an elegant and functional writing instrument’ (Mont Blanc). In 1992, Mont Blanc created the first Limited Edition pen – ‘Lorenzo de Medici’ – and crafted 4,810 pens in that series. These pens celebrated the height of the Mont Blanc Mountain of 4,810 meters. The pens were an immediate success and were sold-out within a few months, at a retail price of 16 hundred US dollars. Today, collectors pay more than $10,000 US dollars for each of these glorious pens.

Let your pen become an extension of your body and soul – a script of innermost thoughts and passions. Fine handwriting with a fountain pen is a romantic link to our past that conveys a personal statement unmatched by today’s sterile forms of electronic communication. A fountain pen will stay, and forever remain, a pure means of self-expression.

Why not express yourself right now with a brand new, personalised pen?


Souvenir Pensholding the memories

If you are a holiday maker you may wish to remember your holiday by purchasing a souvenir pen. These can be found in the many gift shops across the island; for instance, the Best of Barbados Gift shops sell a souvenir pen covered in pictures of Barbados in a stylish box. These also make great presents for friends or family.

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