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Barbados Shopping Inland

When you have visited all the stores on the south and west coasts of Barbados, don’t worry there’s more places to shop in Barbados inland.

Barbados boasts a wide variety of shops located inland which mostly carry unique and interesting art work and souvenirs.

Some of these Barbados shops that are located inland include:
» Wine Barbados
» Janice Sylvia Brock Art Gallery
» Medford Craft World
» Earthworks
» On the Wall Gallery and
» Pots and Things.

All of these places are located off the main highways, so if you decide to drive there on your own, it would probably be best to have a local show you the way on a map otherwise a taxi is always a safe bet and will get you to your destination with ease.

» Wine Barbados – Ellerton, St. George
Are you a fan of good quality wine? If so, you must pay a visit to
Wine Barbados, located in the parish of St. George. Wine Barbados
supplies good quality wine at reasonable prices. None of the wine is
produced in Barbados, but they offer the best imports from the United
Kingdom and Europe. In addition to the exquisite red, white and blush wines they have available,

Wine Barbados also offers champagne, as well as a variety of spirits, snacks and soft drinks. If you are planning your wedding, or a party while in Barbados, Wine Barbados would be happy to supply you with a quote for their products, and they even offer free delivery!

When you visit the site, make sure to ask about any upcoming wine
tasting events that they offer.

» Janice Sylvia Brock Art Gallery – Lascelles, St. James
Janice Sylvia Brock is a very well known British-born artist. Her
success is outstanding, with her work hanging in galleries all over
the world – two special pieces can even by found in the White House!

Her paintings are bright and beautiful, with an abstract flair that
leaves you feeling warm and delighted. When visiting Barbados, you should not pass up the opportunity to visit her studio and gallery. It is a rare experience that should not be missed.

» Medford Craft World – Whitehall Main Road, St. Michael
Medford Craft World is truly a unique and special place. It boasts a
wide variety of completely hand-crafted mahogany pieces of all shapes
and sizes. A visit to Medford Craft World should be on the top of your
list. The tour is fully interactive and takes you on a journey of
their work from root to finished product.

Reggie Medford is a self-taught sculptor who has quickly become known as one of the best in the island and even the entire region. When you visit Medford Craft World you can get the opportunity to meet the sculptor himself and observe him and his team as they literally make magic with Barbados mahogany, transforming it into the most beautiful works of art.

Any of these original, one of a kind pieces would be the perfect gift
or souvenir to remind you of the diverse culture of Barbados, and the
quality of talent that exists on this little island. Medford Craft World is truly a one of a kind experience that should not be missed.

» Earthworks – Edgehill, St. Thomas
Earthworks is aptly referred to as “No Ordinary Pottery” and there is
no better way to describe it. The pottery at Earthworks is a unique
blend of colour and design that you have never seen before. All of the
pottery is delightfully decorated in colours and patterns reminiscent
of the bright, fun-loving nature of Barbados and the Caribbean as a

Earthworks produces full sets of dinnerware and serving pieces
as well as mugs and beautiful pots. They also produce decorative
pieces as well as desk and bathroom accessories. All of the pottery produced at Earthworks is fully functional as it is
microwave safe, dishwasher safe, lead free and food safe.

Earthworks pottery is entirely handcrafted and hand decorated. When you visit Earthworks you can even take a tour of the work area and quiz the potters on their craft. Earthworks also welcomes personalised orders which are carried out with special care and attention.

Next door to Earthworks, on the same compound, is The Treehouse Café where you can sit and have a coffee and a light meal while enjoying the beautiful valley view and the fresh country breezes.

» On the Wall Art Gallery – Edgehill, St. Thomas
Located in the same compound as Earthworks, On the Wall Art Gallery
stocks a wide range of local art and craft. First and foremost, On the
Wall is an art gallery on whose walls hang some of the most beautiful
and creative pieces on the island. The majority of pieces boast a
unique and warm Caribbean scene, portraying the colours and events
only to be found in Barbados and the Caribbean.

In addition to stunning art work, On the Wall also stocks a wide
variety of locally made craft. Here you will find beautiful work from
unique jewellery to even delicate, hand-painted Christmas ornaments
with a colourful Caribbean theme.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful art piece to brighten up your
home, or just a simple ornament to commemorate your trip, On the Wall
Art Gallery is the place to visit.

» Pots and Things – Warleigh Plantation, St. Peter
Pots and Things stocks a variety of beautiful pots and garden accessories. All their products are imported from Colombia and as a
result are very different from anything else available on the island.
Pots come in all shapes and sizes and even in many different designs
and moulds.

Pots and Things also carries authentic Colombian hammocks in an array
of colours and designs. One of these hammocks is the perfect present
for friends and family at home, or would serve you well if you intend
to keep on relaxing even after your vacation.


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