Inspiration transforms your elegant home into a magical place where the heart expresses the mind. This transformation is brought about, every so often, when you add a new element to your home – a set of fine dinnerware – sparkling candelabra — special pieces of art that blend function with creativity.

Time-honored techniques, developed throughout centuries of practice allow innovators to fashion extraordinary items for your home. In 1900, for instance, craftsmen at Daum rediscovered an ancient glass making technique dating back to 5000 BC. This technique is used to make artworks of “paté de verre”, prized alike by ancient pharaohs, contemporary collectors, and famous artists.

The paté de verre is fashioned as fragments of crystal are melted within a unique mould that is hand-made for each piece. Magnificent sets of dinner services are created in this way, as well as individual articles such as vases and limited edition sculptures.

It takes at least 10 days for paté de verre to form in the mold and many more days before and after moulding, to design, polish, buff and burnish each and every piece. This exacting craftsmanship is the hallmark of all the items offered at Diamonds International Galleria and its sister shops.

Contemporary crystal and silverware are styled in the traditional ways of the great masters, Lalique, Baccarat, and Christofle, after whom they are named. Lalique and his son invented a range of hand-finishing techniques using color washes and sand-blasting which are applied to pressed-glass and crystal today.

Special designs such as the “Bambous swirl” of Baccarat created in the 1800’s still feature in luxury crystal products, including perfume bottles, decorative toilet accessories, lighting fixtures, bowls and vases. Amazing pieces of Art Nouveau continue to be inspired by the works of designers such as Dunand who practiced during the 1800’s with the encouragement of the goldsmith Christofle.

Extra special items may also be handcrafted today according to the design of current artists or to your own specifications — stemware matched to chandeliers, jewelry, or to fine porcelain from Bernardaud — available as you wish.

Imagine clear crystal goblets warmed by the sheen of gold. Enhance your table in the company of the finest quality dinnerware. Luxury dinnerware from Diamonds International and Galleria Crystal Boutiques decorated with 20 to 24 carat gold or the richest platinum is especially adapted for use on porcelain – the ultimate in beauty, durability and practicality.

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