West Coast Beaches

Barbados Beaches on the West Coast

The beaches on the west coast of Barbados are known for crystal clear, calm water, and excellent swimming and snorkeling. Find them on Barbados Google Maps on Totally Barbados.

The west coast gently nudges the tranquil Caribbean Sea in all its turquoise glory, with soft white sandy beaches.

From serene to extreme, this coast is perfect and is known as the gold coast or the platinum coast.

Famous for its tranquil clear waters, the west coast of Barbados is suitable for all types of water sports, from cruising on a catamaran or jet skiing. Water sports operators are never difficult to find, as well as scuba diving locations.

This stretch of paradise offers a type of anonymity celebrities are hard-pressed to find elsewhere, and therefore, Barbados has become a favorite escape for some very well known names.

As the location for many of the most exclusive hotels on the island, you will find plenty of bars and restaurants along the beach.

Although many of the west coast beaches are hidden from the road by beachfront properties and hotels, don’t be discouraged, they are public, so find a path through to the sand and enjoy your day.


Beware of the poisonous manchineel trees (usually marked with a red ring around the trunk) and the yellow-green “apples” found along many of the west coast beaches.

Contact with the leaves, branches, or fruit will cause severe blistering.

Take care not to shelter under these trees when it’s raining as the water dripping from the leaves will produce the same unpleasant effect.

When snorkeling, be sure to remember to take a brightly colored buoy or float – there is a lot of water traffic along this coast.

West Coast Beaches of Barbados

Just click on a beach in the list below, for driving directions, detailed information, and photos.

You can also view the location of the beach on our Barbados Google Maps.


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