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Barbados Bed and Breadfast Accommodation

When planning a holiday in Barbados, the most important element is where will you stay.

Staying with a Barbadian family in a bed and breakfast accommodation is quite a unique experience.

This can be ideal for persons traveling alone as you have access to an on hand guide to Barbados and it is quite a unique experience to see the laid back Barbadian lifestyle first hand.

This system operates in a similar way to staying in a bed and breakfast, where you have your own room and sometimes with an en-suite bathroom. You may also have facilities in your room such as a refrigerator, kettle, hairdryer and local literature on the island’s best attractions.

This can be a very inexpensive way to see Barbados as families will usually charge about $30USD per night for room only. If you like Caribbean food then you may wish to negotiate to have breakfast and an evening meal included in the price, then you can expect to pay another $20US per day.

You may wish to just pay for a few days food and find out if you like your hosts cooking, some Caribbean food can be quite spicy, and Barbadians eat a lot of fish, which may not suit your palate. Bear in mind that most food on the island is imported, so if you wish to buy your own food it can work out to be quite expensive.

The benefits of staying with a family are that you get to know the local people, culture and learn interesting facts about the island first hand from those that live in this paradise home everyday. You also benefit from the security of being within a family home and are away from the hustle and bustle of other tourists.

The draw back can be that you are a guest in someone else’s home which doesn’t afford you the same independence or privacy of self-catering accommodation.

Barbadians are a very friendly nation, and are very proud of their culture and history, therefore staying with a family in a bed and breakfast can lead to life long friendships as they welcome you back year after year. They will also be keen to show you the sights and ensure you have a wonderful experience while in Barbados.


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