Barbados Hotel Weddings

Barbados Hotel Weddings

Barbados is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that many couples choose to hold their wedding ceremony on this beautiful Caribbean island.

The majority of Barbados hotels have a wedding coordinator on staff to oversee all the details to make your day one to remember.

Hotels will dedicate a specific area within the hotel grounds for your wedding ceremony surrounded by tropical flowers, which will make beautiful photographs. Depending on the hotel that you choose to stay, you may even be lucky enough to get married on the cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. It is usual for the hotel to create an arch for your wedding and to provide seating and shade for your guests.

Chilled champagne can be served as you sign the register and then have a dedicated area reserved for your wedding party to enjoy your wedding meal. They will also decorate your tables with flower arrangements and will dedicate staff to serve and even create your menu for your special day.

Most couples decide to hold their ceremony at sunset, as this is not only such a romantic time of day but also because it is much more relaxed for the bride and bridesmaids in all their finery.

However, if you want to make the most of your day, then some couples choose to get married early in the morning before the sun gets too hot and then have the rest of the day to celebrate with their guests.

You need to specify to your hotel wedding coordinator, the time of day that you would prefer to get married and they will make all the necessary arrangements for you. The hotel wedding coordinator is at your disposal from the moment you book your wedding at your desired hotel. They are trained to answer any questions that you may have in the lead up to your wedding and will also be on hand on the day of your wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Your wedding package at most hotels can be tailored to your specific requirements and can be very intimate with just the two of you, or it can be arranged for as many guests as you wish.

A typical hotel wedding package for just the two of you will include the services of the hotel wedding coordinator, the legal documents required for the service, as well as the fees associated with those documents.

Transportation will also be arranged for you and your partner to and from Bridgetown, to the Ministry of Home Affairs, where you must apply in person for your marriage license.

They will organize for a minister or magistrate to marry you. They will arrange the bridal bouquet and a buttonhole for the groom, and a floral arrangement on a pedestal for the actual ceremony.

They will also include the cost of a professional photographer who will provide you with an album to take home. And finally, they usually include a candlelit 3-course meal for two with champagne. And finally, no wedding would be complete without a wedding cake! This type of package costs about USD 1,500.

Hotel Wedding Packages include extras such as a guitar soloist to play at the ceremony, hair, and beauty for the wedding party and a videographer.

Some Hotel Wedding Packages offer you something different for your wedding ceremony, such as getting married on a luxury yacht and overnight stay aboard. This sort of package would include transport to and from the ship, all legal documentation, fees associated with those documents, and transportation for you and your partner to and from Bridgetown to the Ministry of Home Affairs, where you must apply in person for your marriage license.

They would organize the magistrate or minister to conduct the ceremony. There would be a bridal bouquet and fresh tropical flowers in your honeymoon cabin, a professional photographer who would supply you with an album. There would also be a wedding cake, champagne toast, cocktails, a wedding dinner with wine, and a champagne breakfast the following morning.

Whatever you want for your wedding day, Barbados prides itself on making dreams come true, and by opting to have a hotel wedding package, you will get the best of everything for your wedding day.

Author: Brett Callaghan

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