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It is still traditional for people to get married in Barbados in a church. Increasing though such venues are now just one of several options for people planning to exchange wedding vows on the Caribbean island.

Young couples and visitors in particular, are opting for non-traditional locations to tie the knot, like hotels, restaurants and other event-oriented venues.

For sure, the church remains the most popular place in Barbados to get married. This is rooted in the country’s customs and reflects the predominantly Christian ideals of Barbadians who believe marriage is a commitment ordained by God and the service should be held in House of the Lord. Be that as it may, Barbados, like other societies around the world, continues to undergo changes even as it relates to where people are getting married. While the venue may change from being a church, many of the other things taken into consideration by couples getting married remain the same and influence the eventual choice of location.

For example, people who have decided to take the plunge into matrimony want the occasion to be as romantic as possible. So a couple may choose to get married in Barbados at the Crane Resort and Residences because of its breathtaking cliff-top views and somewhat secluded location, which lend themselves to romance. The Crane, like many other hotels on the island, actually offers wedding packages. Champers Restaurant, known for its fine dining experience, may be an option for people who want food to be one of the centerpieces of their grand occasion.

For a couple intent on finding a location that is steeped in the island’s history, the Barbados Museum would be the ideal place. The considerations and options are numerous.


Wedding Considerations

Senior Advertising Executive Gillian Corbin was one who didn’t get married in a church. She chose to say “I do” at Accra Beach hotel. For her it was all about the convenience. “It meant that we had the wedding, the reception and the honeymoon at the same location. So there was no wasting time travelling from a church to another place for the reception and then going somewhere else for the honeymoon,” she told Totally Barbados. “The setting at the hotel was also really lovely and we didn’t have to worry about anything. We just told them what we wanted and they provided it, even the wedding cake. That meant we didn’t have to hire a caterer or decorator or anyone like that.

Barbadian business-woman Nadia Corbin-Babb, was also not married in a church, choosing instead the garden-style setting at Mahogany Ridge. She explained why to Totally Barbados, “We started looking at beach settings but didn’t find what we were looking for. I remember going to Mahogany Ridge and taking a look at it and thinking it’s absolutely beautiful.” The business-woman added that the venue was also very spacious, had many ideal photo settings and the total price packages offered were flexible and affordable, all important considerations for her. “I didn’t want to have a sit-down wedding, I wanted people to be able to get up and dance so space was a consideration. And they were really flexible with the catering. I could create my own menu from the range of options they had and even if I had a particular recipe that they didn’t offer they would still do it,” she said. Ms Corbin Babb was so impressed with the venue that she recommended it to others.

The rise in the use of non-traditional facilities has resulted in such venues evolving to the extent whereby they can cater to a wedding party’s every need. That means they would often provide additional services like photography and transportation, which are not part of their core business.


Wedding Products And Services

What is very important from all of this is that it has given rise both to the demand and supply of a range of services which are available from an assortment of suppliers. For instance, Barbados Weddings…Beyond your Imagination!! offers the perfect services for the occasion.

Places like Colombian Emeralds, Diamonds International, Little Switzerland and the Royal Shop offer the best in jewellery including the most important of all, wedding bands.

There are several car rental firms from for all your transportation needs; just review our Car Rentals guide.

There are also some unique settings for photography such as Harrison’s Cave underground. There are enormous celebrations after weddings in Barbados and activities like dining, an evening out, relaxation and even entertainment, can be had at diverse locations. Any of the properties of the Barbados National Trust, Bubba’s Sports Bar, Harbour Lights, Lucky Horseshoe, Chatters Tea Room, or even a dive on the Atlantis Submarine can help to make the occasion memorable.

So regardless of what love birds are looking for when getting married in Barbados, they are sure to find a location to make their special day a happy one.