Barbados Photo Opportunities

The island of Barbados provides many unique photo opportunities and offers a number of photography shops where pictures both digital and film can be developed and printed.

A photographer’s paradise, it is important to remember to ask local Barbadians for their permission to take their picture – prior to doing so! Many Bajan’s do not like to be photographed unless asked beforehand.

Great Photo Locations in Barbados


The Animal Flower Cave
St. Lucy
Special Note: Fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean and incredible limestone formations in the cave itself.

Cove Bay
St. Lucy
Special Note: Panoramic views of the rugged eastern coastline.

Farley Hill National Park
St. Peter
Special Note: Nestled within the rolling hills of the mahogany forest lie the architectural ruins of Farley Hill Great House. In addition, Farley Hill occupies a cliff position with spectacular views of the East Coast

Barbados Wildlife Reserve
St. Peter
Special Note: This beautiful woodland is home to many creatures including that of the mischievous Barbados Green Monkey!

Grenade Hall Signal Station
St. Peter
Special Note: Grenade Hall, beautifully restored is one of two (out of six) signal stations erected to relay messages across the island (Bridgetown, St. Michael to the North). Beautiful views are complemented by the surrounding forest and nature trail.

St. Peter
Special Note: A very small town situated in the north of the island, Speightstown retains many interesting properties for those interested in photographing architecture of a bygone era.

Morgan Lewis Windmill
St. Andrew
Special Note: Built in 1776 and restored more recently. The Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill is functional and a historic site for photo opportunities. Just north of the Mill is Cherry Tree Hill, a road which provides panoramic views of the east coast and meanders through an intriguing mahogany forest.


Welchman Hall Gully
St. Thomas
Special Note: A spectacular gully that is home to numerous plants and monkeys, Welchman Hall is approximately three-quarters of a mile (1.2 km) long!

The Flower Forest
Special Note: The Flower Forest is situated at approximately eight hundred and fifty feet above sea level and occupies fifty acres of land. Panoramic views and a variety of plants provide many photo opportunities!

Gun Hill Signal Station
St. George
Special Note:Built in 1818, Gun Hill Signal Station offers panoramic views of the island and boasts interesting architecture. Directly adjacent to the Signal Station is a large statue of a lion which was carved out of a single piece of rock in 1868. A picture astride this majestic creature is a must for couples, families and friends!


Cattlewash and Bathsheba
Special Note: A favorite hideaway for locals and surfers, Bathsheba plays host too many international surfing events throughout the year. Cattlewash lies to the north of Bathsheba and is separated by giant boulders. This spectacular beach is comprised of mile after mile of untouched sand. Bathsheba and Cattlewash offer a windswept coastline, rugged cliffs and pounding waves!

St. John
Special Note: A popular picnic spot, the views leading down to Bath are quite stunning.

St. Martin’s Bay
St. John
Special Note: A small fishing village, St. Martin’s Bay is a very beautiful and unique part of the island. Breathtaking views of the coastline are visible when approaching the beach area.

St. John’s Church
St. John
Special Note: Overlooking the East Coast on the cliffs of St. John, lays the historic St. John’s Church. Originally built in the seventeenth century, this beautiful church offers classic Gothic architecture and breathtaking views.

Orchid World
St. George
Special Note: A beautiful orchid garden, Orchid World sits approximately eight hundred feet above seal level and showcases locally grown orchids and a wide variety of orchids from around the world.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens
Special Note: Andromeda is situated overlooking the east coast on six acres of beautifully landscaped gardens.

East Point Light House
Special Note: Situated at Ragged Point, the East Point Light House is another favorite amongst photographers. While you cannot access the Light House itself, the surrounding area and view provides a stunning backdrop for photographs.

Codrington College
Special Note: Built in 1743, Codrington College is the oldest Anglican Theological College in the Western Hemisphere. A stunning driveway lined with palm trees, leads past a large pond boasting beautiful lilies and directly too the magnificent architecture of Codrington. Perhaps one of the most photographed places on the island!

Culpepper Island
Special Note: Only accessible at low tide, Culpepper is a very tiny island which lies approximately one hundred yards off the coast!


St. Michael
Special Note: The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown offers historic architecture, the careenage and many cultural photo opportunities.

The Garrison
St. Michael
Special Note: The Garrison Historic Area is comprised of the Garrison Savannah where race horsing is enjoyed at select times throughout the year, the Barbados Museum, George Washington House, the National Cannon Collection, St. Ann’s Fort and the Military Cemetery. Numerous architectural photo opportunities!

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary
Christ Church
Special Note: Set on thirty five acres, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary features a twelve acre lake bordered by dense mangrove vegetation. The ideal spot for those interested in photographing birds, plants and animals in a natural environment.

Sunbury Plantation House
St. Philip
Special Note: This historic plantation great house has been furnished to reflect the tradition of the Barbadian plantocracy. A stunning property, Sunbury is complimented by a large mahogany forest and garden

Miami Beach / Enterprise Beach
Christ Church
Special Note: Miami Beach is a very popular photo spot. The white sandy beach and turquoise blue seas depict that of an island paradise.

South East

Crane Beach
St. Philip
Special Note:Frequently photographed from the Crane Beach Hotel’s cliffside position. The bay of The Crane offers pink tinged sand and dramatic seas.

Bottom Bay
St. Philip
Special Note: Towering cliffs boarder Bottom Bay. A rugged and dramatic backdrop for photos.


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