Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

One of the prettiest things about a Caribbean wedding is the beautiful array of tropical flowers, which just adds to the ambience of a paradise wedding.

If you have a very clear idea of the types of flowers that you want for your wedding then you need to bear in mind what can be purchased locally and what will need to be imported, therefore you will need to give your florist or wedding co-ordinator clear instructions well in advance.

However if you are just particular about colours then you can get some very vibrant beautiful colours from local flowers. Typical wedding flowers in Barbados are the Antirrhinum Lilly, here you are spoilt for choice as they come in so many colours, you can choose from pink, cream, white, peach, orange, red, lilac, chocolate brown, green and some are even mixed with green such as white and green or peach and green.

You could also choose to have your wedding bouquet filled with ginger lilies, which come in red, pink and fuchia.

Another local favourite are helicona, which come in a variety of sizes from tiny to very large, these mainly come in oranges, reds and yellows. Something that looks stunning in a table decoration or flowers for the church are the bird of paradise but these are not always in season.

Anywhere else, if you wanted orchids in your wedding bouquet it would cost you a small fortune, however orchids are grown locally in Barbados and they come in variety of colours such as white, purple, pink, and a mix of colours such as white and purple or white with a
hint of green.

Perhaps you would like tube roses, they have a smaller head than regular roses with a long stem, they give off a beautiful scent especially at night, however they are not recommended if you or any of your wedding party suffer from asthma.

Florists in Barbados are happy to work with you to create the right look for your flowers, if the groom will be wearing a pink shirt for your wedding day then why not take the shirt along to the florist for them to match your flowers exactly.

If you have chocolate brown bridesmaids dresses, then where else in the world could you have bridesmaids bouquets made up of cream and chocolate brown lilies?

The florist will also have a wide variety of ribbons to choose from so you can have the bouquet handles decorated to match your colour theme.

Another bonus of having your wedding flowers created in Barbados is the excellent choice in tropical foliage.

Florists will be happy to create a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets or posy’s, if you have a flower girl then they will also create a tiny basket of flowers.

They will provide an elaborate corsage for mothers of the bride and groom, which can either be worn on the wrist or as s button hole, for the groom and best man you can have an extra special button hole and of course button holes for your guests.

The florist will also be happy to make flower arrangements for the church to stand at the alter, pew ends or if you are having an outdoor service then they can do a free standing arrangement and general decoration for the guests seating area.

For the reception you can have table decoration for the top table and smaller versions for the guests tables.

Finally, the real beauty of these exotic flowers is that you will be amazed at the price, florists in Barbados charge about a quarter of what you would expect to pay in the UK or US, every cent counts when you are newly married with so many other things to pay for when creating your perfect day.


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