Wedding Entertainment

If you are getting married in Barbados, then you will want to know all about the various forms of entertainment available to you on your special day.

Therefore we have looked at the different forms of entertainment that you could hire for your wedding day to ensure that all of your guests have a great time celebrating with you.

Wherever you have decided to take your vows either in a religious ceremony or a civil service, you may still like to have music playing as you walk down the aisle or as you stroll across the beach to your partner.

Maybe you two have a special song, this could be played for you either live or a recorded version. Depending on the type of music you may like to hire a singer, a string quartet, a pianist or even a violinist to play it live for you.

If you have a recorded piece of music then the church or chosen venue for the occasion should be able to provide you with a CD player.

If you have enlisted the help of a wedding co-ordinator then they will be happy to assist you in finding not only that special piece of music but also someone who can actually play the piece for you.

Once you have completed the ceremony, you will move on to the wedding reception where your choice of entertainment is endless. There are many talented musicians and singers in Barbados, who would be more than happy to play on your special day.

You can choose to have a live band, which could play rock, blues, reggae, calypso, popular, jazz or another genre depending on your taste.

If you have been to Barbados before then maybe you want a totally tropical atmosphere, so why not consider hiring a steel pan to play for you?

Again a wedding co-ordinator could source the type of band you are looking for and you will be surprised at how reasonable the rates are compared to home! It is also a good idea to request a demo tape from the band prior to booking to ensure you like the type of music that they play.

You might not want to be limited to an hour and half set of a band and so may want a DJ to play in between or have a DJ for the entire reception, in which case it is good idea to think about the type of guests that you have attending, if your party are all young people or if you will have older relatives attending.

In either case just tell the DJ prior to the event the sort of music that you would like played, as Grandma might not like gangster rapping and your young crowd might not be too impressed with waltzing all night either.

Perhaps you have a very clear idea of the sort of entertainment that you want at your wedding and none of the above takes your fancy, in which case why not pre select your tunes for the evening, put them on your iPod and just hire a PA system to plug in to?

Alternatively you may just have a few guests at your wedding ceremony and are just having a quiet meal afterwards, in which case when you are ready to go dancing, why not take all the arrangements and hassle out of it by hitting some of Barbados top night spots where the party is laid on for you?

Whatever your request you will find that Barbados is very geared up for weddings and that all hotel staff are happy to carry out your requirements to ensure that you have a perfect wedding day.


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