Barbados Homes and Gardens

Barbados Homes and Gardens

Home and garden enthusiasts will be delighted with all that Barbados has to offer. While small in size the island is rich in diversity, culture and style.

Barbadian homes reflect the unique history of the island. Local architecture juxtaposes vibrant colours and island flair with classic colonial architecture and luxurious modern designs in this Caribbean paradise.

The countryside is dotted with well preserved plantation Great Houses, some of which date back to the 1600’s. Many Barbados Great Houses – such as Sunbury Plantation and Nicolas Abbey – are open to public viewing.

Soak in the elegance and timeless beauty of these well preserved homes complete with some of the largest collections of china, furniture and antique agricultural tools on the island of Barbados.

Traditional Chattel Houses are found in abundance along the backstreets of Bridgetown and throughout the villages. Typical of the post-emancipation era, chattel houses are small wooden structures designed to be easily moved from one tenantry to another. As incomes rose, chattel houses were expanded with as many as four structures or more strung together on a single lot.

While chattel houses are generally uniform in structure; bright colours, murals and intricately crafted wooden accents highlight the creativity and individuality of the people residing within.

With world class interior design teams, beach front vistas and year round sunshine, Barbados is gaining international acclaim for its premium real estate properties.

Luxurious villa and condominium developments are ideal for long term visitors or residents while short stay and business travellers will be overwhelmed by some of the most lavish and luxurious hotels in the Caribbean.

For a sneak peak within the coral walled estates, don’t miss the Barbados National Trusts annual Open House Programme. View decadent mansions, historic plantation homes and modern feats of elegance and designs during this four month exhibit running from January until April each year.

A tropical climate and fertile soils have blessed the island with a plentiful array of lush flowering trees and shrubs. Formed in 1927, the Barbados Horticultural Society is regularly featured as a top prize winner in the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual Chelsea Flower Show held in London, England.

The Barbados Horticulture Society hosts a number of events and lecture series throughout the year as well as an annual Open Gardens Programme. From January to April, the Open Garden Programme allows the public to experience some of the island’s most renowned private gardens.

Throughout the year, visitors and locals alike find botanical bliss at one of the island’s many gardens, parks and hiking trails including:

» Andromeda Botanical Gardens
» Welchman Hall Gully
» Flower Forest
» Orchid World
» Hunte’s Gardens
» Turner’s Hall Woods
» Hackleton’s cliff and Scotland District

Thinking of renovating your home or starting your own garden?

View contemporary designs, tropical home décor and lavish furnishings and a wide selection of local arts and crafts at one of the islands’ many galleries or trendy boutique shops.

For a broad selection of houseware and garden needs, the island also boasts a number of retail outlets and warehouses.

Take advantage of design services, gift registries and overseas shipping options or browse through showrooms to see the latest trend in furniture, table ware, home accessories and other interior design styles.


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