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Barbados Telephone Guide

As with any overseas country, Barbados has particular telephone codes and protocols related explicitly to making calls both locally island-wide and internationally.

On this page, you’ll find our Barbados telephone guide.

— Dialling instructions (local, cellular, and international calls)
— How to find telephone numbers in Barbados
— Emergency numbers in Barbados
— Responsibility tips
— Safety tips

Dialing Instructions

When calling Barbados, the global area code to dial for the island is +1 246, followed by the seven-digit Barbadian number.

Local And Cellular Phone Calls

Local telephone numbers are seven digits long. You will be pleased to know there is no charge incurred when dialing from one landline telephone to another.

The telecommunications market in Barbados is quite competitive. The leading service providers of Flow Barbados (previously known as Cable and Wireless or Lime) and Digicel Barbados offer various cell phone deals with different billing options. They both operate on a GSM network and offer international roaming options.

Note: Remember when calling a cellular phone from a landline in Barbados, it will charge the person receiving the call. Keep this in mind as many locals don’t answer their mobile when they see a landline call, because of these additional charges.

International Calls

International calls are billed according to the rates charged by the local telephone company, Flow Barbados (previously known as Cable and Wireless or Lime)

Hint: Hotels generally add a service charge to overseas calls. Please confirm with your accommodation what their telephone policy is, before making any international calls.

It can often be more economical to purchase prepaid phone cards or to use your credit card when making long-distance calls. Certain phones are unable to make international calls, and therefore, the use of a prepaid phone card will help you accomplish this task.

  • To call an international number direct, dial: 1 + Area Code + Number
  • For operator-assisted dialling, dial: 0 + Area Code + Number

Note: You will not be charged for an international call if you:

  • hang up before you dial the complete number
  • if there is no reply
  • if the number you are calling is busy.

How Do I Find A Telephone Number In Barbados?

Are you looking for a telephone number in Barbados but are not sure of the company or business name you are looking to contact? Try using our Local Places directory. Here, you will find categories of listings such as accommodation, restaurants, and entertainment. You can browse through these listings to find the contact details to suit your needs.

You can also try the Barbados Yellow Pages online directory.

What Are Barbados’ Emergency Numbers?

  • Police Emergency: 211
  • Fire: 311
  • Ambulance: 511

Responsibility Tips

Whether staying in a hotel room or a villa (or anywhere on the island, for that matter), please remember to use caution when offering the use of your telephone. Be aware; you will be held personally responsible for any calls made from your number while you are in residence.

Be Safe

Your safety on the island is of utmost importance. Keep the following points in mind when using telephones in Barbados:

  • Remember to follow international safety rules when using your phone.
  • Do not use the phone while you are in the shower, bathtub or swimming pool. Should your phone be immersed in water, it can cause an electric shock.
  • Avoid using the telephone during stormy weather. Should you need to do so, keep your conversation as brief as possible.

The local telephone company, Flow Barbados (previously known as Cable and Wireless or Lime) takes precautionary measures to limit electrical surges. However, total protection is impossible.

In the event of a suspected gas leak, do not use your telephone until the telecommunications company has verified that this is safe to use. Phones contain electrical contacts that generate sparks when the handset a number is dialed. And, while this is a rare situation, it is essential to note this can cause an explosion.

Do Not Disturb

All telephones have some volume control switch. Should you not wish to be disturbed, advise your hotel reception desk or villa personnel to hold your calls, or you can turn the volume on the handset down low.

Note: It is never advised to take your phone entirely off the hook.

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