Phone Calls Barbados

Phone Calls Barbados

Find out how to make phone calls to someone in Barbados. Find out how to make a phone calls from Barbados to another country.

Use our simple guide to find a comprehensive list of international country and area codes for when you wish to make phone calls to or from Barbados?

Phone Calls to Barbados

When making a call to someone in Barbados from overseas, the international area code to dial for the island is +1 246, followed by the local Barbadian number you are seeking to call.

Phone Calls from Barbados

For example, to call Australia from Barbados, you would dial 011 (exit code to dial out of Barbados) followed by 61 (Australia’s country area code), followed by the local number you are wishing to call in Australia.

International Telephone Codes – What You Need To Know to Make Phone Calls

— The international area code is made up of a country area code and an exit code (or international access code).

— Country area codes are used when dialing an international phone number, whereas exit codes are used for dialing out of a specific country.

Zone 1: North American Numbering Plan Area

Countries within NANP (North American Numbering Plan) administered areas are assigned area codes as if they were all within one country. The codes below in format +1 XXX represent area code XXX within the +1 NANP zone – not a separate country code.

The North American Numbering Plan Area includes:

+1 – Canada
+1 – United States, including United States territories:
+1 340 – United States Virgin Islands
+1 670 – Northern Mariana Islands
+1 671 – Guam
+1 684 – American Samoa
+1 787 / 939 – Puerto Rico

Caribbean Telephone Area Codes

Tip: In order to make phone calls from Barbados to these regional telephone numbers, please dial +1 before each of the specific country area codes.

+1 Many, but not all, Caribbean nations and some Caribbean Dutch and British Overseas Territories:
+1 242 – Bahamas
+1 246 – Barbados – phone calls Barbados
+1 264 – Anguilla
+1 268 – Antigua and Barbuda
+1 284 – British Virgin Islands
+1 345 – Cayman Islands
+1 441 – Bermuda
+1 473 – Grenada
+1 649 – Turks and Caicos Islands
+1 664 – Montserrat
+1 721 – Sint Maarten
+1 758 – Saint Lucia
+1 767 – Dominica
+1 784 – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
+1 809 / 829 / 849 – Dominican Republic
+1 868 – Trinidad and Tobago
+1 869 – Saint Kitts and Nevis
+1 876 – Jamaica
— To learn more about country calling codes, country dialing codes, international calling codes, international dialing prefix, international calls please visit: One World Nations Online
— To see a list of Countries with international calling codes (access codes), and the International Dialing Prefix codes (IDD) for all countries and dependencies, see Wikipedia for details lists.
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