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Barbados Radio Stations

Barbados has two major radio networks; Starcom Network and the CBC Network. The Starcom Network houses the number one radio station in Barbados, Hott 95.3 FM as well as VOB 92.9 FM and Love 104.1 FM. The CBC Network is made up of 98.1 The One FM, Radio 900 AM and Quality FM. Independently there is also Faith 102.1 FM, BBS 90.7 FM and Mix 96.9 FM.

95.3 FM is considered to be the “party station”, home to some of the most popular DJ’s on the island including Li’l Rick, who is also known as Hyper Dog, who was the Party Monarch Calypsonian of 2003. In constant competition with 95.3 FM, are 98.1 The One FM, which is also a party station. Both of these stations play reggae, calypso, hip-hop and popular music for the younger generation.

For more of a soft-listening genre, tune into BBS 90.7 FM or Love 104.1 FM, both of who feature easy listening and soft rock. VOB 92.9 FM is talk radio featuring call-in programs addressing social, political or everyday issues concerning Bajans. Whereas, Mix 96.9 FM tends to feature more rock and alternative music.

Whatever your taste, your mood, your age, you will find a radio station in Barbados that will suit”.