With his charming smile and model-looks, 18-year-old Jaicko, is another member of the “Bajan Invasion,” an independent group of young, talented artists recently signed to international record labels.

Following on the heels of pop sensation Rihanna, the flood gates have opened up, and Shontelle, Hal Linton, Vita Chambers, and Livvi Franc have all capitalized on the opportunities. Jaicko; multiple Barbados Music Award-nominee, is no exception – he was born for this moment.

Jaicko quickly admits that music is where he always wanted to be. Even during those early teenage years of uncertainty, he was in love with music and surrounded himself with family and friends who were already in the industry. It just seems like a natural progression that he is on the verge of being the next breakthrough artist from Barbados.

Fuelled by his passion for creating music and performing, his creativity is channeled through his songs, many of which he writes.

Although he has been performing since he was nine years old, it was at age 16 that Jaicko decided to take it seriously. He notes that up to this point everything else was practicing for this primary performance. This led him to travel to the United States of America with his father to approach record labels to secure a record deal.

His father, Philip Forrester, a member of the popular Bajan band “IV De People,” has been influential in his career. Many of the songs on Jaicko’s demo were co-written and produced by the talented father-son duo.

These demos were shopped around to the big names like Clive Davis and Def Jam. It was Meredith Valiando, who became his Manager and hooked him up with people at Capitol Records. The effect was that within three days Jaicko had been signed.

The debut album “Can I,” is set to drop in summer 2010, and the first single “Oh Yeah,” is an infectious tune that will have you nodding your head is a definite summer anthem of 2010. The second single “Fast Forward” is currently doing well across North America.

Jaicko is excited to be a part of the “Bajan Invasion” and has worked with every Bajan performing artiste recently signed. He has collaborated with Hal Linton on two songs and notes that his dad, Philip, was one of the first persons to have Shontelle in the studio.

Jaicko notes that although they are a small community who all support each other since they are all on the same path, they should work together to take it to the next level by having even more Bajans on the charts.

He is not resting on his success thus far and is quite determined to show the world that the success of Rihanna was no fluke.

He is currently doing promotional work for his album across North America, with gigs, radio shows and some work with Sean Kingston and Jay Sean, two established names in the industry.

Jaicko is fond of his strong Bajan fan base and hopes that it is this intensity and love that his international fans will shower on him.

With his debut album titled “Can I,” all of Jaicko’s fans will no doubt say “Yes you can!” as he charts his way to international acclaim.

For more information:

— Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaicko
— Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jaicko


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