Barbados Television – CBC TV

Barbados Television – CBC TV

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Barbados has one local free to air television channel operating on the island.

The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is the local public radio broadcaster and television station (Channel 8) that telecasts programs daily to the Barbadian community. The Government of Barbados owns CBC TV Channel 8 which is located in The Pine in the parish of St. Michael.

CBC TV8 first came to air as Channel 3 in 1964, moved to Channel 9 in 1984, then to its current positioning as Channel 8 in 1991.

Even though cable television is found in most homes and holiday accommodation throughout the island, many Barbadians still tune in to the local television channel to view all kinds of shows, as well as the local news updates.

CBC Evening News is a one-hour news program airing at 7 pm on weekdays and a 30-minute news update on both Saturday and Sundays.

There’s also an early morning news program called Morning Barbados which runs Monday to Friday from 6 am to 8 am.

Caribbean Cuisine is hosted by Barbadian Executive Chef Peter Edey and is shown Wednesdays at 10 am and Sundays at 6 pm.

You can also get your daily fix of drama and soap opera with programs like The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives airing daily on CBC TV8 from Monday to Friday.

Let’s not forget all the latest sports action from the Caribbean Premier League which shows various cricket matches regularly.

You can find all match schedules and the full CBC TV8 television schedule with the comprehensive list of programs airing here on the CBC website http://www.cbc.bb/index.php/tv8/what-s-showing.

Tip: You can also live stream CBC TV8 television online at http://www.cbc.bb

Want More Channels?

The CBC also operates the pay television service, Multi-Choice TV (MCTV).

They provide a wireless cable television service that offers an array international television stations for those who are looking for that little bit extra in their viewing schedule.

The pay TV service began in 1987 as Subscription Television (STV) and later was upgraded in 1996 to become MCTV, offering much more of a variety of channels and programming.

For information on packages for purchase, programming guide, technical support, and assistance visit https://mybroadbandaccount.com/CBC/.

Want more?

There’s always the option of getting your television fix outside of the home.

For those who enjoy watching local and international sporting events not available on your home, hotel or villa television channels, we recommend the following venues for all the live-action and atmosphere:

Bubbas Sports Bar and Restaurant – Worthing, Christ Church
— Lucky Horseshoe – Worthing, Christ Church

For more information, please contact the CBC (246) 467-5400 or check out their website at https://www.cbc.bb/ where you’ll find all the latest news and programming details for local television here on the island.

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