Crop Over: Splashes of Colour

Crop Over: Splashes of Colour

Barbados Crop Over 2007 – The annual Crop Over Festival is the largest and most popular festival in Barbados; which distinguishes itself from other island carnivals by proudly stating that it is “More than a Carnival, (it is) sweet ‘fuh’ days”. With such a bold claim, you do just have to believe the hype! ….read more about Barbados Cropover 2007.

This coming Monday (August 2006), the streets of Barbados will come alive in waves of striking colour as each Crop Over band crosses the stage and weaves its way toward Spring Garden. You can’t help but smile while watching the Crop Over revellers jumping, their flags waving and their spirits high. The term ‘jumping’ really refers to dancing, singing and celebrating in the street. Grand Kadooment is ultimately a huge street party that makes its way from the Barbados National Stadium to the Spring Garden Highway. The ‘jump up’ is approximately five hours from start to finish. This time will vary depending on the time the band leaves the stadium and on how fast or slow the main music truck is travelling.

The rich colours and striking styles of crop over costumes have always reflected the vitality of Barbadian culture. On Kadooment day, each band must assemble and jump across the stage at the national stadium, accompanied of course by the soca or calypso song of their choice. It is here that the uniquely themed costumes of each crop over band are showcased and judged. For instance:

Baje International
Their theme is Cirque du baje, with 7 different sections including Clowns, Jugglers and Magicians.

Power X 4
Their theme is Heritage with 6 different sections including Cariblantic, Heroes and Nativeland.

Berger Boys
Their theme is Soca and Soccer with 4 different sections including Bajan Rockets, Soca Warriors and Bajan Yankee Doodles.

Blue Box Cart
Their theme is We Reach (celebrating 25 years of jumping Kadooment) with 8 different sections including Sweet Like Sugar, Sunsational and Hard Wine.

You can visit www.kadooment.com to see a list of bands as well as pictures of their costumes.

In 2005, Power X 4 was the winner of the most colourful large band, with their Joie de Vivre theme. The Festival Designer of the year went to Gwyneth Squires. Other categories that are judged include Best Band on the Road and Best Presentation. Upon winning a category, the Band Leader receives a monetary prize.

Apart from the beautiful colours of the day, the majority of bands have their own music truck that play the best soca and calypso songs of the season. The musical artists are themselves in competition for the title of Roadmarch which is the song that is judged to be the most popular one on the route that day.

Kadooment day will be broadcast on CBC TV channel 8 starting from early on Monday morning. You can check your daily schedule or simply tune in to CBC channel 8 around 8 or 9 am. Don’t hesitate to take a trip to Spring Garden or another point on the route so that you can watch the revellers go by. You may find, however, that you will need to park your car and walk a short distance to get to a good spot. You can contact the National Cultural Foundation at (246) 424-0909 for route information.

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August 3rd, 2006

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