Barbados Segway Polo Team Become World Champions in the 2009 Woz Cup

Barbados Segway Polo Team Become World Champions in the 2009 Woz Cup

The Barbados Segway Polo Team are now the Woz Cup 2009 World Champions.

July 19th, 2009

Team Barbados Flying Fish Semi Final Match #1 against the dreaded

After a short rain delay the match started much the same way as the other
morning matches with the Fish trying to settle into their Rhythm…the first
Chukka going down Scoreless.

The second Chukka sees the fish playing their own game and drawing first Blood
with a penalty strike by Jason Gilkes.

The third chukka was a bit more physical with a few rough exchanges between the
teams… However, Daniel Hatch comes away with 2 goals to none for the

The 4th Chukka would go down with plenty of fight from the Austrians with 2
shots on Goal and a Penalty shot… All three shots were blocked and the Fish go
away with the Win and on to the Finals of the Woz Cup 2009.

The Barbados Flyin’ Fish now wait for their opponents in the Final.

Other Segway Semi Final Update

The 2nd semi final now playing between the Silicone Valley AfterShocks and
the favorite German team – the Funky Move Turtles! The Silicone Valley
AfterShocks defeat the Funky Turtles and go on to compete with the Bajan Flyin’
Fish for the Woz Cup 2009.

2nd Match for Sunday July 19th, 2009

Final Championship Match between the Barbados Segway Polo Team – Flyin’ Fish
and the Silicone Valley AfterShocks.

The Final match started under overcast conditions against the formidable
Silicone Valley Aftershocks…

The first Chukka played out with both teams stepping up their game to an intense
pace but without any goals being scored

With both teams settling down and playing more consistently the game was on!!!

Chukka #2 finishes with the Fish up by one with Jason Gilkes passing to Brett
DeGale to score a very nice Goal!

The third Chukka starts with the Aftershocks putting some pressure on the Fish
with a few attempts on goal… None get through! However, on a breakaway run
Daniel Hatch takes the ball all the way down the field to the goal and
skillfully passes across the Goal to Brett Callaghan to easily puts it past
their goal keeper – “Uncle Vic” to go up 2 to 0!

The final Chukka comes with a change to the Fish team with Mikie Hassel and Ran
Rodriguez coming on to defend the slim lead. The AfterShocks mount a serious
charge but fall short as the Fish hold fast and end the Chukka and the match 2
to nothing!

Match Statistics for the Fish are: 22 Goals Scored, with the top score of 11
being scored by Daniel Hatch. Another stat is that only 2 goals score on the
Fish for the entire Tournament!!! Go defense!!!

The Barbados Segway Polo Team are now the Woz Cup 2009 World Champions.

July 18th, 2009

Barbados Segway Polo Team – Flyin’ Fish – Win 3rd game in Germany against the
Black Rose team of California. – July 18th, 2009

Things started badly for the Flyin’ Fish when a bad bounce spinning ball skipped
through and scored on our goal to put the opponents up 1 goal to nothing.

The second Chukka also finished with the Roses up 1 goal to nothing. The Fish
were slightly ruffled, but after the halftime break they settled down where
Brett Callaghan evened the score and then Daniel Hatch scored 2 more goals
making the final score 3-1. The fish are now 3 and 0.


Team Barbados Flyin’ Fish had a keenly contested game against last years winner
of the Woz Cup (California Gold Rush) in which the Fish out scored the Rush

(Dramatic pause)… 7 goals to 1!!!!

Goals were scored by:

Brett Callaghan 2,
Daniel Hatch 2,
Jason Gilkes 2 and
Mikie Hassell 1

The Flyin’ Fish now are seeded #1 in the semi final on Sunday against the 4th
seeded team which won’t be decided until early Sunday. The second and third
seeds will play each other in the other semi final match to decide upon the
finalists for the 2009 Woz Cup.

The Barbados Segway Polo team has impressed the other teams so much that they’ve
been invited to play in an exhibition match after the tournament (weather
permitting) comprising of the top 7 players from amongst the other teams from
around the world.

Play concludes tomorrow Sunday July 19th, 2009 where the semi final and final
matches will be played.

July 17th, 2009

Barbados Segway Polo Team – Flyin’ Fish – win first two games in the World
Segway Polo Championships in Junkersdorf – Koln (Cologne), Germany on the first
day of the Woz World Cup 2009 – July 17th, 2009.

This is the first time the Barbados Segway Polo team has ever played on
artificial turf and the first official professional tournament to date. The team
adapted to the new surface extremely well with success in the first two matches
which were played against the host country – Funky Turtles of Germany.

The Barbados Flyin’ Fish went on to win 4 – 0 against this strong opponent and
further went on to another successful win in their second match on the same day
against Segway Austria who were defeated 3 – 0.

The Barbados Segway Polo team is comprised of seven members:

1. Captain – (Uncle) Peter Gilkes
2. Jason Gilkes
3. Daniel Hatch
4. Brett DeGale
5. Brett Callaghan
6. Ryan Rodriguez
7. Mikie Hassell

The leading goal scorer Daniel Hatch went on to score a hat-trick in the first
game and 2 brilliant goals in the second match. Owner of Segway of Barbados,
Jason Gilkes scored one in each of the 2 games.

The Flyin’ Fish also produced a strong defensive effort not allowing any goals
to be scored in the first day of play.


Fixtures and Results

Friday, 7/17/2009


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