Traveler Review 2006 – Dean, Chantelle, Frank and Anne Marie from Ontario, Canada

Traveler Review 2006 – Dean, Chantelle, Frank and Anne Marie from Ontario, Canada

We spoke to Dean, Chantelle, Frank and Anne Marie, a group of friends who are down here on holiday from Ontario, Canada. For all four of them this is a first time visit to Barbados their last holiday together was to Puerto Rico.

Their first impressions are so far great! They expected white sandy beaches and that is just what they got!

For the first part of their trip they are staying in Time Out, located in St.Lawrence Gap, on the south coast of the island in the parish of Christ Church. For the second week they are moving to The Hilton Barbados.

Staying in St. Lawrence Gap has meant that they are going to Dover Beach most days, but cannot wait to get to Pebbles Beach at the Hilton, as this is known to be the nesting beach for turtles.

They are looking for the action of the waves to do some body boarding so will head up to The Crane on the south-east coast of the island, and on the top of their to do list is to go snorkelling on the west coast or in Carlisle Bay. That is the beauty of Barbados being surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean, which provides the sporting action, and then on the other side we have the calm Caribbean, which is perfect for snorkelling.

They are finding the people very friendly and polite, genuinely a nice nation!

They highly recommend Pisces, as the fish restaurant to eat in St. Lawrence Gap, where they say the food is delicious and moderately priced.

As a group of friends looking to catch up and relax they say the highlight of their holiday is just being able to hit the beach! And they assure us that they are coming back!

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