Traveler Review 2006 – Marcin Zablocki from London, UK

Traveler Review 2006 – Marcin Zablocki from London, UK

Barbados Traveler Marcin Zablocki

We spoke to Marcin Zablocki who is currently on holiday here in Barbados from London, UK. He is here with his girlfriend and we interrupted them strolling hand in hand along the beach to get their views on Barbados.

It is their first trip to Barbados, and they have never been to the Caribbean region before. Therefore they were not sure what to expect but say it is better than they expected!

They are staying with friends and are very happy with their accommodation. Their favourite beach so far has been Rockley Beach otherwise known as Acrra Beach.

They have used a variety of methods for getting around from taxi’s, a hire car and with friends. They have found the local people to be really friendly and helpful.

When asked if they had a favourite bar to hang out in they recommend Charlie’s Bar located on the south coast in Maxwell. They have eaten out quite a lot and say the food is quite amazing and that you won’t get a bad meal in Barbados! For a reasonably priced meal they suggest trying Just Grilling located in the Quayside Centre opposite Accra beach.

For sightseeing they hired a car and went the entire circumference of the island, covering north, south, east and west. The highlight of this island tour was to visit Harrison Caves, and after seeing the whole island they have come to the conclusion that the best parish is Christ Church and the best beaches are on the south coast.

Overall they say their entire experience of Barbados has been just brilliant – the beaches are wonderful and they are coming back for more next year!

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