Barbados Traveler Review 2007 – Sally Turner from Essex, UK

Barbados Traveler Review 2007 – Sally Turner from Essex, UK

Sally Turner Sally Turner

Sally Turner from Essex, UK has been coming to Barbados for the last 12 years and loves the way of life in Barbados. She feels at home on the island and therefore rents a self-catering apartment on the west coast when she is here.

Sally’s favourite beach is Gibbes Beach in St. Peter or Holetown Beach in St. James. Sally loves to dine at The Lone Star restaurant on the west coast main road and says that Cocomo’s is her favourite beach bar during the day.

Sally loves going on a tour of the island and says that Bathsheba is in her opinion the nicest place in Barbados. Over the years Sally has tried out all of the tourist attractions such as Harrison Caves, the Atlantis Submarine, snorkelling over shipwrecks but her favourite and best experience in Barbados is swimming with the turtles.

When asked about how prices compare in Barbados Sally thinks that drinks are very cheap and all other items are on par with UK prices.

Sally’s goal is to spend six months every year in Barbados and the other six months in the UK, so that must mean she really does like Barbados then!

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