Traveler Review 2006 – Pat and Jim Ludwig from Winnipeg, Canada

Traveler Review 2006 – Pat and Jim Ludwig from Winnipeg, Canada

We spoke to Pat and Jim Ludwig who are here on holiday from Winnipeg, Canada.

Whilst this is their first trip to Barbados, they have many friends who come here quite often, so they knew the ropes before arriving! They are not strangers to the Caribbean region and have been to Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Martinique and Guadeloupe – but Barbados has always been high on their wish list. So now they are here – is it like they imagined – better than could be described by family and friends who come here regularly!

They are happy with their choice of a hotel apartment in St.Lawrence Gap, on the south coast of the island in the parish of Christ Church.

They have been frequenting Dover Beach on foot, and taking the local blue bus for transport when needing to go further a field.

Pat and Jim are impressed with the friendliness of the Barbadian people and whilst they don’t drink, so don’t really hang out in bars too much; they highly recommend Mike’s Bar, located at the end of the Gap for great food at a reasonable price. For breakfast they have been going to Tiffers in Worthing, on the south coast main road.

When asked about prices on the island they have found them to be moderate.

For a fun day out they took an island tour with Adventureland Tours, where they fell in love with Harrison’s Cave and the east coast – Bathsheba in particular.

However the main highlight of the holiday is just being able to relax on the beach and enjoy the turquoise warm water, the white sandy beach and best of all the sunshine!

They stressed the whole experience of Barbados has been wonderful, just to meet the local people who are so friendly and enjoy the hospitality of the island.

So Pat & Jim say they are coming back very soon!

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