Traveler Review 2006 – Valerie and Tony Lewis from Coventry, UK

Traveler Review 2006 – Valerie and Tony Lewis from Coventry, UK

We spoke to Valerie and Tony Lewis who are currently here on holiday in Barbados from Coventry, UK. This is their sixth trip to Barbados, as they just can’t get enough of this beautiful island.

They have tried the Dominican Republic but feel Barbados has much more to offer them. They always go in a self-catering apartment, so they can come and go as they please.

They love the tranquillity of Miami Beach located in Christ Church on the south coast of the island. They hire a car and go off exploring but always feel that the south coast of the island is their favourite.

They like to drink at the Sticky Wicket bar in Sliver Sands, and like to eat at Pisces fish restaurant both of which are again on the south coast. They think food prices are fair and they always enjoy the local food.

For them the highlight of the holiday is just getting up each morning to brilliant sunshine and very favourable weather.

What really makes Barbados the ideal holiday destination for them year after year is the friendliness of the people and the Bajan Atmosphere.

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