Barbados Traveler Review 2007 – Mr & Mrs Sherwood from Essex in the UK

Barbados Traveler Review 2007 – Mr & Mrs Sherwood from Essex in the UK

The Sherwoods The Sherwoods

Mr & Mrs Sherwood are from Chigwell, Essex in the UK and have been coming to Barbados for about 15 years. They are completely in love with Barbados and have now purchased their own property at The Crane Resort in St. Phillip on the south east coast of the island.

Mr & Mrs Sherwood are completely in agreement that Barbados more than meets their expectations, they find the people really friendly and visit as often as their work in the UK allows them to.

They are staying in their self-catering apartment at The Crane Resort, which they love as they benefit from all the luxury of a world class hotel but can still come and go as they please and are not tied to set meal times or the structure of a hotel. They also enjoy entertaining at their apartment and invite lots of their friends from the UK to come over and join them.

Their favourite beaches are on the south east coast, in particular they love the beach at the Crane and at Foul Bay, but they are keen to stress that all the beaches in Barbados are good.

They enjoy eating at The Cliff on the west coast and recommend that anyone who visits the island should go there for a meal. They also recommend going for a champagne cocktail at Pravda Lounge in St, Lawrence Gap on the south coast as they say it has a great ambience and is a really nice place to visit.

Mr & Mrs. Sherwood always hire a car when they are in Barbados as they love to just get in the car and go for a drive, they love the scenery and love the cooling breezes of St. Phillip and the beautiful views on this coast line. Over the years they have visited all the tourist attractions and when they have friends over who haven’t visited the island before they take them on a tour to show off their second home.

For Mr. Sherwood the highlight of his holiday is playing golf at Sandy Lane and Royal Westmoreland, as he thinks that both courses are stunning.

When asked how they found the prices in Barbados Mr & Mrs Sherwood said that the prices are excellent for them as the pound is so strong against the dollar and that prices are on par with London so they don’t think Barbados is expensive.

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