Traveler Review 2006 – Katherine and Robert Mitchell from Toronto, Canada

Traveler Review 2006 – Katherine and Robert Mitchell from Toronto, Canada

We spoke to Katherine and Robert Mitchell who are currently on holiday here in Barbados from Toronto, Canada.

This is the eighth year in row that they have come to Barbados and even though they have been to the other Caribbean islands of St. Vincent, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas – Barbados is their overall winner.

When asked if Barbados meets their expectations the reply was a very solid – Oh yeah! They choose to rent a self-catering apartment so they can take the holiday at their own pace and not be tied to meal times.

They choose to spend their days on Miami Beach, located in Christ Church on the south coast of the island. They vary their transport method between walking, taking a ZR van and hiring a car.

They choose to hang out in Bert’s Bar and like to dine at the Waterfront Café in Bridgetown. Overall they find prices on the island quite reasonable for eating out.

When they venture around the island, they hire a car and go exploring to their favourite spot, which is Bathsheba, located on the east coast. Another favourite haunt is Sam Lords Castle Beach.

Essentially they look to Barbados, as their haven for rest and relaxation and the highlight for them is always to enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

On the odd occasion that they feel like an adventure they go on the Atlantis Submarine, a great opportunity to see underwater Barbados without getting wet!

And where will they go on holiday next year? Yep – back to Barbados!

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