Barbados Traveler Review 2007 – Bev & Mark from Bath, England

Barbados Traveler Review 2007 – Bev & Mark from Bath, England

Bev and Mark Bev and Mark’s Children

Bev & Mark from Bath, England are on their first holiday to Barbados with three of their children and their daughter’s school friend. They have Georgie, who is 4, Sophie who is 5, Louise and her friend Paige who are both 15.

They say that Barbados meets all of their expectations and so far they are all having a wonderful time. Having a large family they felt the best type of accommodation for them would be self-catering and so they have rented a brand new townhouse on the west coast.

The house belongs to an international rugby player and only been completed this year. They say that the accommodation is decorated to a high standard and they love the luxury of it.

Having small children it is important for them to find a beach where the sea is suitable for the little ones, and they have found that all the beaches on the west coast are ideal for the children to swim. They were thinking about venturing down to the south coast as they had heard the Miami Beach in Christ Church was worth a visit, but they were concerned about the currents on that side of the island. So for now they are sticking with Holetown beach as it is great for the kids and close to all the amenities such as the supermarket, shopping centre and good local bars right next door to them.

Their favourite restaurant is Café Indigo next to Holetown Police Station where they say the food is lovely, it isn’t too expensive and that they cater for the children. Their favourite bars have been Cocomo’s and the Blue Monkey, which are both on the west coast.

They have rented a large people carrier to get them around and have taken a self-driven tour around the island, they really liked St. Lucy for it’s dramatic scenery and in particular they recommend having a look from North Point. They were also really impressed with the scenery in the Scotland District of St. Andrew.

Bev said that while the children are so small there isn’t much point is travelling around to all the tourist attractions, and the children are happy playing on the beach, while the older girls are busy working on the all important tan!

But Bev had managed to get some time away on her own. She went to Discovery Bay Hotel and booked to go horse riding with an instructor called Clive. He took her out for 2 hours around the Sandy Lane Estate, she said it was a great experience and that they saw lots of Green monkeys and that he gave her a guided tour of the area, which was really interesting. She said this cost $120BDS and was excellent value for money.

Their next outing is planned for the Friday night fish fry at Oistins on the south coast, which they are all looking forward to.

When asked about how prices compare in Barbados, they feel that prices are cheaper than the UK, especially for drinks. Bev said, “We expect to pay more as we have children, they want drinks every five minutes but when we compare the price to the UK, this is quite affordable.”

Bev, Mark and the children are having a wonderful holiday and Bev says that they will come back to Barbados again in the future.

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