Barbados Traveler Review 2007 – Mr. Farnworth from the UK

Barbados Traveler Review 2007 – Mr. Farnworth from the UK

Mr. Farnworth Mr. Farnworth

Mr. Farnworth from the UK has been coming to Barbados for a number of years and likes the island so much that he has now purchased his own property on the island.

When asked if Barbados meets with his expectations, he says that Barbados meets his expectations most of the time, but on occasions he feels a bit let down by customer service.

As Mr. Farnworth has his own property in Barbados he never has any worries about accommodation and is really pleased with the house that he has bought.

His favourite beach is Gibbes in St. Peter, where he likes to go as often as he can. He recommends Champers as his favourite restaurant and loves to take friends there when they come over to visit him.

For a good night out he advises people to head to The Ship Inn, in St. Lawrence Gap on the south coast. He says that St. Lawrence Gap is lively and most nights of the week you can find something happening at The Ship Inn.

As he visits the island often, he has been to most of the tourist attractions but on this visit he is looking forward to going to the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and as he hires a car for the duration of his stay he intends to take his family for a drive up the east coast and to visit Harrison’s Cave and the Animal Flower Cave as it has been some years since he last went to these places.

Mr. Farnworth said the highlight of his holiday is every time he can get a view of the Sea through the trees, and that reminds why he loves Barbados so much. He also said that over the years he has established some good friendships with locals on the island and it is always a pleasure to meet up with these old friends.

When asked how he found the prices, Mr. Farnworth thought that the prices can sometimes be higher for tourists, than what these same shop keepers would charge locals, however he was keen to stress that prices in Barbados are still not as expensive as London and that for things like petrol, Barbados is actually cheaper.

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