Traveler Review 2006 – Mr. Newman from Hamburg, Germany

Traveler Review 2006 – Mr. Newman from Hamburg, Germany

We spoke to Mr. Newman who is currently here on holiday in Barbados from Hamburg, Germany. He first came to Barbados in 1992 and has returned every year since, making this his 14th trip!

He says Barbados is everything he imagined it to be and more! He rents a holiday cottage within walking distance of the popular Miami Beach on the south coast, and if he needs to go further he take the bus as his chosen method of transport.

On a Sunday he likes to go to either Crystal Waters, Sandy Beach or Southern Palms Hotel, St. Lawrence Gap – both of which have a buffet lunch and a steel pan band on Sunday lunch times.

As Mr. Newman comes for 2 months at a time he has plenty of time to relax and go around the island sightseeing – he takes an organised island tour for these day trips, where he loves to see the ragged beauty of the east coast in comparison to the smoother beauty of the west.

Mr. Newman say he enjoys every day he spends in Barbados and of course will be returning next year.

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