Barbados Traveler Review 2007 – Kelly & Michalis are from the UK

Barbados Traveler Review 2007 – Kelly & Michalis are from the UK

Kelly and Michalis Kelly and Michalis

Kelly & Michalis are from the UK and are on their first holiday in Barbados and first impressions have left them slightly disappointed, as the island is not what they were expecting.

Michalis is from Greece originally and in the 13 years that he and Kelly have been together they have always taken their holiday in the Greek islands, they think this is why they are disappointed with Barbados.

Every year they have been spoilt by the beauty of Greece and just expected Barbados to be better than Greece. In their mind they had the impression that as Barbados was the playground of the rich and famous, then the island was going to be beyond their wildest dreams. They were keen to stress that Barbados is a nice place but just not what they were expecting!

This aside they said that they are staying in the Hilton Hotel at Needhams Point on the south coast and that this is superb and that customer service is the best they have ever received in a Hilton hotel.

They have been visiting Accra beach and enjoy it here for swimming, but they are also quite keen on the beach at The Hilton where they are staying.

Kelly and Michalis have been really impressed with the food that they have eaten since arriving in Barbados and they recommend Whispers, next door to the Boatyard in Bridgetown as a good place to eat.

They have also tried Opa! the Greek restaurant on the south coast and again were impressed with the food. They have also dined at The Cliff on the west coast, which was excellent and they went for Sunday Lunch at La Mer in Port St. Charles on the west coast, which was also stunning.

In fact now Kelly & Michalis are talking about food, a great passion for them both; they have changed their minds about Barbados and said when it comes to fine dining, then Barbados exceeds their expectations!

They say that the bar in Whispers is really nice and that they like to go there for a drink as well as eating.

They have been on a full tour of Barbados and they really enjoyed the Animal Flower Cave in St. Lucy and recommend venturing up there if you get the chance. They are also looking forward to a trip on a Catamaran that they have booked for the weekend. They have also hired a car so that they can do some more sightseeing later on in their holiday.

When asked what has been the highlight of their holiday they say it has been the excellent customer service that they have received and the friendliness of the local people.

When asked how they found the prices in Barbados Kelly & Michalis said it was slightly higher than they expected around the island, but they expected the prices to be high at their hotel, as they had chosen the best!

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