Bays of Barbados

The Bays of Barbados

From Archers, Alleyne, Carlisle, Consett, Cove, Cotton House, Foul, Freshwater, Ginger, St. James, Long, Little, Martin’s, Maycox, Mullins, Oistins, Paynes, River, Sandy Lane, Stroud’s, Six Men’s, Skeete’s, Tent to Bottom, up and down the coast is highlighted with crescents of crystal water and crisp, white sand.

These are our natural bays and they house some of the most stunning stretches of beach the world has to offer. Because of the shape of a bay the water tends to be very calm, allowing for lovely relaxing swimming and sea bathing, not to mention magnificent reef formations as well as creating natural safe harbours for boats. And that combination allows for some great shallow water fishing spots on all of our coasts.

Whether you are looking for water sports, a relaxing swim, snorkelling or fishing, you can find what you’re looking for in any of our beautiful bays.


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