Barclays Park is located on the east coast of the island, in the parish of St. Joseph. Follow Highway 2 from Bathsheba.

Barclay’s Park is a huge park stretching from the beach up into the hills. It was donated to the government of Barbados in 1966 by Barclay’s Bank to celebrate the island’s independence from the UK. HM Queen Elizabeth opened the park that same year.

It is a very popular spot for both locals and tourists as words cannot fully describe the beauty of the east coast of Barbados, as the coastline hosts dramatic landscapes of cliffs, hills and majestic stretches of undisturbed beaches.

Houses in this area can be quite expensive to buy; yet to look at they appear to be quite simple. This is because the sea spray in this area is quite damaging and therefore houses are kept simple, as this is easier for maintenance purposes.

Many houses here are holiday homes and are available for short-term lettings. Please see Real Estate for more information.

There are no amenities such as beach chairs but there are plenty of shops in the area to buy food and drink.

— Excellent picnic spot
— Recreational facilities
— Food & Drinks available


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