Little Bay in St. Lucy is one spot not to be missed. St. Lucy is the northernmost parish of Barbados and remains undeveloped, therefore getting to Little Bay can be a bit tricky. So get directions, travel with a map and although the road is long and over half an hour from Bridgetown, the scenery is definitely worth the drive.

Little Bay is a tiny piece of course sand surrounded by undulating hills of limestone, which overlook the Atlantic Ocean together with a constant cool sea breeze complimenting the warm sunshine. Standing on top of the hills, looking down over rock formations, blowholes and the beautiful ocean truly makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

Little Bay is a favourite stop for island tours. It tends to be quite quiet during the week and a bit busier on the weekends. The drive alone up to Little Bay allows you to see some of the island you surely would miss otherwise and it is absolutely amazing to have a look at the quaint side of Barbados.


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