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Barbados Business and Investment Guide

Use our Barbados business guide to find essential business information, including Barbados statistics, current Barbados business articles as well as the most relevant and useful business websites.

Many foreign investors and business men who visit Barbados fall in love with the island and find a way to become part of this small, but affluent, Caribbean country.

Overseas investors, especially from Europe and North America, jump at the array of real estate opportunities in Barbados. Constantly rising property prices have been producing ample return on investment. You can invest in an extra home, a tourism enterprise or a property to rent - short or long-term - to locals or visitors.

You also have the option to set up – as many have - an International Business Company (IBC), a captive insurance company or an offshore bank, to take advantage of the tax benefits or to trade on the Barbados Stock Exchange.

The Totally Barbados Business Guide is your comprehensive information resource for doing business in Barbados.

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Barbados Business Guide

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» Barbados Business News - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2012

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» Barbados Country Profile
History - Geography - Weather - Population - Government and Legal System - Education - Health Care - National Security and Defense - Barbados National Holidays

» Barbados Internet Cafes

» Barbados Legal Services

» Charities in Barbados and Totally Barbados Cares for Charitable Organizations
Volunteer for a charity in Barbados - Barbados Charitable Organization Listings

» Barbados Conferences and Corporate Events
Barbados Conference and Event Facilities and Barbados Conference and Event Planners

» Economy
History of Barbados Economy - Barbados Tourism - Manufacturing - International Business - Finance - Agriculture - Fishing Industry - Sugar Cane industry - Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) - Caribbean Tourism Organization

» Government and Legal System
Parliament - Cabinet - Government History

» Barbados Governors General

» Green Barbados - Green Business Barbados

» Information Communication Technology

» Infrastructure
Airports - Electricity - Energy - Hospitals and Health Care - Postal Service - Telecommunications - Transportation - Water

» Barbados Insurance Industry

» Barbados Labour and Employment Environment
Barbados Employment - Acquiring a Barbados Work Permit - Finding a Job in Barbados

» Education and Training
Education - Training - Barbados Community College - University of the West Indies

» Financial Sector
Banks in Barbados - Barbados Offshore Banking - Barbados Stock Exchange - Central Bank of Barbados - Currency

» Investors Guide
Barbados Agriculture Investments - Barbados Construction Investments - Barbados Entertainment Investments - Barbados Fashion Investments - Barbados Financial Services Investments - Barbados Health Service Investments - Barbados Land and Real Estate Investments - Barbados Manufacturing Investments - Barbados Renewable Energy Investments - Barbados Shipping Investments - Barbados Shipping Investments - Barbados Technology Investments - Barbados Tourism Investments

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Barbados Business Statistics - Agriculture Statistics - International Business Statistics - Tourism Statistics - Business Articles - Business Barbados Success Stories - Economic Articles - Education and Training Articles - Infrastructure Articles - International Business Articles - Real Estate Articles - Tourism Articles - Business References

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