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Peas and rice is a dish that is eaten throughout the Caribbean. Pigeon peas are related to the tender green sweet peas but are much higher in protein and vitamins, making this a very nutritious dish.


You will need the following ingredients:

2 cups (11oz/345g)  fresh or frozen pigeon peas
6 cups (48floz/1.45l) water
Bouquet garnish of fresh thyme, marjoram and chives
1 (4lb/125g) salt beef or salt pork
1 tablespoon butter
2 cups (8floz/250ml) rice
1 large tomato, blanched, peeled and chopped up
1 tablespoon lime juice
Red pepper sauce to taste


Using Fresh Pigeon Peas

Cover and boil the peas, herbs and salt beef in four cups of water for about 1/2 hour. If you are not using salt meat, add salt to taste.

Wash the rice and drain. Add the rice, 2 more cups of water, butter, tomato and lime juice.

Bring to the boil, cover and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes.

Reduce heat to low and let it simmer until all the water is steamed out (20-25 minutes).


Using Dried Pigeon Peas

If using dried pigeon peas, use 1 cup to peas and increase the water to 7 cups and cook the dried peas very rapidly for about 10-15 minutes and then reduce to simmer for about 40 minutes or until tender.

Proceed with the recipe as above.