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Every Saturday in Barbados you will see signs displayed island wide advertising freshly made Pudding & Souse. It is not to everyone’s taste as it is made from various parts of a pig, but those who try it, love it.

Please find details below on how to make this much loved Barbadian dish.

You will need:

» 2 large mixing bowls
» 2 large saucepans
» Grater
» Pork – any part that you like, Bajans use the head, tails and feet!
» Sweet potato
» Limes
» Sweet peppers
» 2 Onions
» Scotch bonnet red peppers
» Salt
» Parsley
» Thyme
» Cucumber
» Chives
» Oil
» Sugar
» Butter


» Whatever part of the pig you have decided to use, as described above, you need to clean it and boil it in salt water.

» To make the pudding you grate the sweet potato in to a mixing bowl, add a pinch of sugar and salt, then add 2 oz of butter, 2 tsp of oil, chop the chives and thyme and add to the bowl.

» Grate 2 onions and add half to the bowl, save the other half for the pickle. Now set this bowl aside to absorb the flavor while you prepare the pickle.

T» o make the pickle you need to grate the cucumber and sweet peppers.

» Now chop up the parsley. Then taking great care, usually wearing rubber gloves slice up half a scotch bonnet pepper in to very small pieces. Wash your hands immediately and do not touch your eyes, scotch bonnet peppers can really burn the skin.

» Now add your remaining onion to the bowl and then squeeze lime juice and salt to your mixing bowl with the cucumber, sweet peppers, scotch bonnet peppers and parsley.

» By now your pork should be cooked, so drain off the salt water and now sprinkle with lime juice.

» Now go back to your pudding mixture and put it is a grease proof oven dish and bake in the oven until cooked.

» Then serve with the pork and souse.