Barbados Music Awards

Timeless Barbados Inc. launched the Barbados Music Awards in 2006. The event was the brainchild of Ronnie Morris, an accomplished Barbadian singer, songwriter and male model.

Ronnie found success performing from the age of 12 and has enjoyed an international career as both a recording artist and model. He wanted to give up-and-coming artists a platform from which to perform, and to promote his island home of Barbados to the world by showcasing the amazing amount of talent located within these 166 square miles.

He formed Timeless Barbados Inc. and is the founder, director and producer of the Barbados Music Awards. The company specialises in all related to Ronnie’s own career – so they represent models, organise showcase events and from 2008 will even have their own record label. Ronnie takes great pride in his work and this is reflected in the quality and production of the Barbados Music Awards.

The event honours those in the music industry and recognises the hard work and talent required to be a performer. It also recognises that for such a small island, Barbados is generating a huge wealth of musical talent with record labels such as Atlantic, DEFJAM, SRP, Universal, VP Records, Jive and Sony/BMG all having at least one Barbadian recording artist. These artists are now performing on the worldwide stage and becoming Grammy award winners.

The Barbados Music Awards is where Rihanna made her debut in 2006. Rhianna a former Combermere student has now gone on to become one of the biggest selling female artists in the pop world promoting her to super stardom.

Closely following her footsteps is former Queens College student Livvi Franc and Shontelle a former Harrison’s College student. All three of these talented Barbadian singers are signed to major record labels and are taking the international music scene by storm.

The Barbados Music Awards are very glamorous complete with red carpet, stretch limousines, beautiful women in designer dresses, men in designer suits, shades and the glare of hundreds of camera’s flashing. The air is thick with excitement and anticipation as musicians await the results to see if their work will be recognised.

The event also gives members of the public the opportunity to see these artists perform under one roof at a very affordable price – just $50BDS.

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